Happy Birthday Sister in Law

Happy Birthday Sister in Law: 53 Wishes, Quotes and Images

Struggling with how to say Happy Birthday Sister in Law? You’re not alone. With your direct family the words come easily. That deep connection and bond you have tends to make things easier. But birthday wishes for a sister in law are trickier to write/say. You may not know them as well and aren’t sure […]

Baptism Gift Ideas

Baptism Gift Ideas for Boys, Girls and Adults

A baptism or christening is a wonderful event. Seeing a family member or friend beginning their journey of faith is heartwarming for all involved. If you’re attending the baptism or intend to show your support then you’ll probably want to give a gift for whoever is being christened. If you aren’t sure what sort of […]

Please Accept My Apology Message

I’m Sorry Messages (65+ Examples)

We all make mistakes at some point. From letting friends down, offending someone, upsetting your family and so many more. It’s impossible not to make an error from time to time. Be that an off hand comment, being late for an event, general rudeness or something else entirely. It’s the way in which we learn […]

Work Anniversary Quotes and Wishes

Work Anniversary Quotes and Wishes

Reaching a significant milestone at work is a notable achievement. It demonstrates longevity, loyalty and the skill or ability to do whatever job it is well. Let’s face it, if you’ve managed 5 or 10 years with the same company you must be doing something right! But whilst reaching an anniversary at work isn’t as […]

Birthday Wishes for Daughter

If you’re a parent then a Birthday for one of your children will be a familiar occurrence. They come around once a year! And if it’s your daughters birthday then you will no doubt be looking to get her a gift and card. But are you worrying about what to write in that card. Well […]

Irish Blessings Sayings and Proverbs

Irish Blessings, Sayings and Proverbs

Who doesn’t want a bit of Irish luck? If you’re looking for a good way to celebrate or wish someone good health or luck then an Irish blessing or saying could be just perfect. Ireland and the Irish are known for their cheer, hospitality and humour. Combine that with many incredible wordsmiths, poets and writers […]

Retirement Party Ideas

Retirement Party Ideas: How to Plan and Throw the Ultimate Retirement Shindig

Retiring is such a major event. The end of a career represents the beginning of a new chapter in someone’s life. It can be a time for joy and celebration, looking forward to the start of new challenges or a well earned rest. But also fear and trepidation over a loss of identity or what […]

Happy Birthday Son in Law

Birthday Wishes for Son-in-Law

Wishing your own son a Happy Birthday is pretty darn easy. You’ve known him all your life, you have a strong connection and bond – he’s a member of your closest family. So writing a birthday message or getting him a card isn’t anything you have to worry or stress about. But saying “Happy Birthday […]

What to Write in a Birthday Card

What to Write in a Birthday Card: Birthday Card Messages, Wishes and Quotes

Ah, Birthdays. A joyous time for celebrations, fun and happiness. Who doesn’t love a birthday? You get a party, gifts and cards. And of course when it’s someone else’s you get to return the favor and give them gifts and a card. This allows for you to let them know how special they are to […]