Thank You eCard

Thank You eCards

If you need to say thank you to someone, be that a friend, family member or just an acquaintance then a good way to make it up to them and express your gratitude is with a thank you eCard. If someone has done something for you that deserves thanks then don’t hesitate, you can let them know his much it meant to you and how thankful you are with one of the thank you eCards below.
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Happy Engagement eCard

Engagement Congratulations eCards

If a couple or someone you know is getting engaged then a great way to congratulate them is by sending an eCard. Send a happy couple congratulations on their wonderful news with one of our lovely engagement eCards. Just choose your favourite below, check the round selector box, then scroll down and fill in the appropriate details and hit send. The happy couple will then receive your lovely eCard.
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Sympathy eCards

Sympathy eCards

If a friend, family member or acquaintance has suffered a loss you might want to let them know you’re thinking of them. You can send a traditional sympathy card, perhaps with some flowers, but you can also send a sympathy eCard. Condolence and sympathy eCards can be a quick and effective way of offering comfort and support to someone during a tough time.
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Happy anniversary ecard

Anniversary eCards for Husbands, Wives and Partners

If you’re about to celebrate an anniversary then sending you’re partner a card and gift is the most common way to let them know how special they are to you. But you can also send an eCard, not as a replacement for gifts and cards but to go alongsid. Your husband or wife may be at work or having to look after the children, but then they receive an email and up pops a touching or funny anniversary eCard from their significant other. It can just serve as a reminder that even during the busy lives you have you can still remember an important anniversary. And then the special meal and thoughtful gifts can come later.
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Happy Birthday Mom eCard

Birthday eCards for Mom

When it’s your own moms birthday you will want to really go full out and give her a special gift and card. But an extra thing you can do is send her an eCard. It’s an easy way to show you care and something she won’t be expecting. You can send one without much effort but it can be a really nice surprise for your mom on her big day.
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60th Birthday eCards

A 60th birthday is a huge milestone and really big birthday to celebrate. You will want to make sure you wish anyone you know turning 60 a special day. And what better way to do so than with a 60th birthday eCard? Its the ideal way to celebrate a momentous day. Thankfully our selection of 60th Birthday eCards are exactly what you need to celebrate just right.
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Congratulations on your Pregnancy eCard

Pregnancy Congratulations eCards

When someone announces their pregnancy it’s great news. You will probably want to congratulate and wish them well on their brand new addition to the family. One of the best ways to do this is with a pregnancy eCard. You can easily send a lovely congratulations without having to get to the shops, buy a card and then post it.
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Thank You Teacher eCards

If you or your child has a teacher they’re fond of, one that has inspired or nurtured, then you may want to thank them. Teachers play big roles in our lives, helping to mentor and get us through important moments. So saying thank you to the really great ones is a lot very thing to do.
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