What to Write in a Christmas Card

What to Write in a Christmas Card: Christmas Card Messages

Merry Christmas! Hopefully you’re full of festive spirit and enjoying the holidays. One thing that can put a bit of a dampener on that Christmas cheer though is knowing you’ve got a whole pile of Christmas cards to write. Not only can it be time consuming and, lets face it – a bit dull, but […]

Religious greeting card messages and wishes

Religious Greeting Card Messages

When writing a card message for someone you may want to include religious words or greetings. If you have a religious family member or friend then you may decide that this is more appropriate and fitting for them. A religious message can be uplifting, thoughtful and comforting. There are also many different religious sayings that fit all different types of ocassion, be it a birthday or wedding through to obvious religious festivals like Easter and Christmas and even something less important like a person’s retirement or anniversary.

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