Congratulations Quotes (55+ Examples)

After someone you know has dedicated themselves to something, put in a tremendous amount of hard work and eventually triumphed it is only right to celebrate their achievements. Perhaps it’s a new job or promotion, completing a degree or course, or just a victory in their private life. Wishing them congratulations is a good way to show you’ve noticed their hard work and are impressed by it. We all like acknowledgement of what we’ve achieved and being congratulated gives an extra boost of satisfaction.

Engagement Congratulations and Wishes

An engagement is definitely a time for celebrating! What happier event could there be than two people deciding to get married and share their lives together. It’ll melt even the coldest of hearts! And when a happy couple announces their engagement you’re going to want to congratulate them on the amazing news. This will be one of the most joy filled moments of their lives and signal a new chapter of their future together. So you’ll want to send them the warmest wishes and engagement congratulations, letting them know how pleased for them you are.

Housewarming Wishes and Quotes for a Congratulations Card

Buying or moving into a new house is one of life’s major events. It can mean the start of a new family, the moving on up in the world, or maybe just starting afresh. Most people aspire to own their own property so when it happens it’s definitely a big occasion. One thing most people do when hearing of a friend or family member moving into a new home is to congratulate them. Or if you’ve got a new neighbour wishing them well in their new house is a great way to break the ice. Sometimes you might buy them a housewarming gift, especially if they hold a housewarming party. But even if they don’t and you choose not to get them a gift you may still want to send them a card congratulating them or just put a message on Facebook.