Baptism Wishes: What to Write in a Baptism Card

A baptism (or christening) is an extremely special day for both parents and the child a-like. It’s symbolises the start of the childs religious journey, accepting Jesus into their life and beginning as a Christian. For parents it represents their baby’s first steps into faith and a real celebration of accepting the love of God.

Bar Mitzvah Wishes and Messages

A Bar Mitvah, if you weren’t that sure, is a Jewish celebration that takes place when a boy turns 13 and is seen as becoming a fully responsible member of the Jewish community. The young man must read from the Torah and lead a prayer for the whole service. It’s one of the most important moments in a Jewish mans life and considered incredibly significant within the faith.
If you’ve been invited to attend a Bar Mitzvah, perhaps to a family member of yours (brother, grandson, cousin, nephew etc) or you just know someone who’s son is about to have theirs then you may want to send or give a card.

Religious Birthday Wishes and Messages

Birthday wishes tend to be very similar in their nature. Most are simple greetings that say happy birthday in one way or another. Some can be a bit more expressive but follow the same sort of pattern in wishing the recipient a happy or enjoyable birthday. Which is fine if that’s what you want. But sometimes you might want to say something a little different. For example if the person who’s birthday it is has a strongly held faith then you may prefer to send them a religious birthday message.

Religious Greeting Card Messages

When writing a card message for someone you may want to include religious words or greetings. If you have a religious family member or friend then you may decide that this is more appropriate and fitting for them. A religious message can be uplifting, thoughtful and comforting. There are also many different religious sayings that fit all different types of ocassion, be it a birthday or wedding through to obvious religious festivals like Easter and Christmas and even something less important like a person’s retirement or anniversary.