Retirement card quotes for a card

Retirement Quotes for a Card

When writing a retirement card message you may often find it lacking something. They have a tendency to be quite boring and cliche, offering very little in the way of a touching thought or uplifting message. Retirement is a major event in a person’s life so it seems fitting that when celebrating it the least […]

Retirement Poems and Verses for a Card

When writing and sending a retirement card to someone you may find yourself wanting to add a little more than a standard message. You might feel it’s a bit boring or could do with being more exciting and interesting. One good way to do this is to use a retirement poem or verse alongside your message. One of these can liven up your card and put a smile on the recipients face.

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Retirement Sayings and Quotes

Retirement Sayings and Quotes

Retirement is a big event in anyone’s life. Often when someone you know, be that a coworker, friend or family member retires then you celebrate or congratulate them. The most common way this is done is with a card or gift (or both!)
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Retirement Wishes to Write in a Card

Retirement Wishes to Write in a Card

When someone retires it’s a good idea to congratulate them on their years of hard work and success. So sending them retirement wishes in a card, possibly with flowers or a gift, is the perfect way to recognise a lifetime of the tough grind. You can let them know how proud of them you are, maybe use some humour and make it clear how great they’re future is going to be.
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Religious greeting card messages and wishes

Religious Greeting Card Messages

When writing a card message for someone you may want to include religious words or greetings. If you have a religious family member or friend then you may decide that this is more appropriate and fitting for them. A religious message can be uplifting, thoughtful and comforting. There are also many different religious sayings that fit all different types of ocassion, be it a birthday or wedding through to obvious religious festivals like Easter and Christmas and even something less important like a person’s retirement or anniversary.

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