Wedding Thank You Wording and Examples

Well, the big day has been and gone. You’re married now! Congratulations! It was probably a wonderful and special day, made even more so by having your friends and family there to see one of the biggest moments in your life. Unfortunately there’s a good chance you’ve now been bought back down to earth with a bang as you’ve remembered you have to send wedding thank you cards and notes out to those friends and family. They may have bought or sent you a gift, a lovely card or just attended the big day, all of which you will want to thank them for. But what is the right thing to say? How long should the note be? When should it be sent? And how do you express your gratitude in the best way possible? Fear not, as we’ve put together this guide to help with all your questions and worries, covering wedding thank you card etiquette, what to do and not to do, as well as providing a large selection of wedding thank you wording examples.

Thank You Notes for Birthday Gifts and Cards

Receiving a gift or card on your birthday is always special. The time and effort that went into choosing, wrapping and possibly even posting it to you shows how much that person cares. And even if it isn’t exactly what you wanted it’s still touching to see the thought that’s gone into it. So thanking them is a nice gesture to let them know you appreciate their generosity. It doesn’t have to be anything particularly amazing, just a few words in a card or note is more than enough.

So we’ve put together a range of examples that are the perfect messages to write in a card or note thanking someone for the gift they’ve given you. Or you can decide to write your own. If so then there are a few guidelines you can follow that are both simple and easy and will make writing your own message a lot less painful. Take a look below or jump further down to the example messages.

What to Say

If you’re writing your own note then there are a few things to mention when saying thanks for a gift.

  1. Open your note with a simple greeting. “Dear _____” is the most common and works perfectly well.
  2. Let them know why you liked the gift so much. Go into detail, talk about what was so good about it and what it means to you.
  3. Following on from that you can talk or mention the feelings you had from receiving the gift. As before you can say what it means to you, why it’s special, how touching it was. Focus more on feelings here rather than the gift itself.
  4. You should then thank them for the gesture. Talk about how nice it was to receive, how generous they are etc.
  5. Finish with another thanks, maybe something a little more personal or tailored specifically to them. Then sign your name with something like “Love ____” or “Many thanks _____”.

You don’t have to include all the parts listed above but that should give you an idea of the way to write your own. It can be shorter if you prefer as that’s very acceptable and common as well. If you want some examples you can use directly and copy, or change before using in your card then see below.

Thank You Note Examples

Dear _____,

Thank you so much for the lovely gift. You knew how much I loved perfume and it was perfect for me. Just the right fragrance. I was so touched by you remembering and taking the time to find it. You’re always so generous, and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated it.


Dear _____,

I can’t thank you enough for the brilliant new luggage. I’ve got that vacation coming up so it’ll be getting a lot of use! Thank you for the thought, and for such generosity. You’re a great friend.


Dear _____,

Thank you for the lovely card and gift. I had an amazing birthday! I can’t believe you got me a new phone though! I know I’d been going on about needing a new one but I didn’t expect you to actually get me one! I sometimes think I don’t deserve you as a friend. But thank you, it was such a great gift.


Dear _____,

I can’t thank you enough for my wonderful gift. The hiking boots are great and you knew my size! I can’t wait to start using them. Thanks again for being so generous – I hope I get to return the favour soon!


Thank You Messages

These short and simple messages are perfect to go in a bought card. You can use them as they are or edit them to suit your situation.

  • Thank you for my lovely gift. Your generosity is so appreciated
  • What a thoughtful gesture! Thank you so much for my gift
  • Thank you for coming to my part and for the amazing gift! It was great seeing you
  • You really made my birthday that little bit extra special
  • I don’t know how you do it but you always know just what I want! Thanks!
  • I had a brilliant birthday, partly down to your awesome present. Thanks pal!
  • Your generosity is amazing, and my gift was so touching. Thank you
  • Your gift giving skills are incredible! Every time you know exactly what to get someone.
  • I’m going to really treasure my gift. Thank you so much!
  • I honestly don’t deserve you, you always give such perfect gifts and I’m rubbish at it!

Thank you notes for gifts and cards


You can choose to use a quote in your note. Often a quote can really express what you’re feeling in better words than you could.

  • “A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” – Steve Maraboli
  • “You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • “Saying thank you is more than good manners, it is good spirituality.” – Alfred Painter
  • “A moment of gratitude makes a difference in your attitude.” – Bruce Wilkinson
  • “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” – Maya Angelou
  • “Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.” – G.B. Stern
  • “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” – Ben Carson
  • “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – John F. Kennedy
  • “Presents are made for the pleasure of who gives them, not the merits of who receives them.” – Carlos Ruiz
  • “I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.” – William Shakespeare

Funny Messages

You can always use humour to thank someone for their generosity. A birthday is meant to be a happy, fun celebration so making the gift giver smile is very fitting. Use one the funny thank you messages below:

  • I’m starting to think I’m going to have to file for bankruptcy as I’m never going to be able to repay you!
  • Whoever said “it is better to give than receive” obviously never met you!
  • If you had a dollar for every time I said thank you, you would be rich!
  • Thank you because it is the right thing to do
  • Uoy knaht! Now that you’re confused I just wanted to say thank you
  • “Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed.” – Mark Twain
  • Thank you doesn’t really cut it, but lucky for you I’m not a hair dresser
  • Our relationship is mostly give and take. In this case you’re doing all the giving and I’m doing the taking!

Bridal Shower Thank You Notes and Messages

Did you enjoy your Bridal Shower? I’m sure you did, they’re usually great fun and an excellent celebration. Also the perfect way to put on hold all the wedding planning and let your hair down for a bit. But once it’s over you’ve got the tricky business of having to thank everyone for both arranging it and attending. Guests took the time to show up, maybe bring cards and gifts. Whereas your bridesmaids and family put all the effort in to plan and execute the actual event. That’s a lot of people who should really be thanked!

So on top of planning for your big day you’ve now got to try and remember who attended the Shower, who bought which gift or card, who helped plan and arrange it, and then try to think up the right wording for the Bridal Shower thank You messages and notes! What a nightmare! Ok, well take a deep breath. You’re not the only one. And more importantly we’re here to help. We’ve got the best guide to writing the perfect bridal shower thank you notes and messages. Follow our steps to write your own or use the pre written examples and messages as an inspiration (or just copy them directly!)

What to Write in a Bridal Shower Thank You Card

If you’ve decided to write your own bridal shower thank you note, as opposed to using one of our examples below (or buying a card with one already in), then you can follow some guidelines to getting it just right. These steps should make sure you don’t miss anything important and say everything you would want to.

Who is it for?

The first thing you’ll want to consider is who the thank you note is for. Was it a family member, close friend, work colleague etc. And then what will you be thanking them for? Did they just attend the bridal shower and wish you well? Bring a gift? Send a card? Or was it a family member who had helped to arrange the shower? These will all play a big role in how you write your thank you note.


Very simple – use the recipients name. “Dear _____,”. Avoid using anything generic as this should be a personal note.

Say Thank You

Next you will want to thank the recipient for whatever it is they have done. You can decide how much detail or emotional you want to be. It’s absolutely fine to keep it simple though if you wish. All that you need to do is acknowledge their generosity.


  • Thank you so much for the lovely bridal shower gift
  • I was so grateful for how much time it must have taken to plan my bridal shower
  • It was great to see you at my shower. Thanks for coming!
  • Thank you for the heartfelt wishes, it was so touching

What did you like?

Following on from that you will want to let the recipient know what you enjoyed or appreciated about their gift, help or attendance. If they attended then thank them for making that effort and say how much you enjoyed having them there. Alternatively if they couldn’t make it but sent a card or wished you well then thank them for that. Say how much it meant to you to hear from them. For a gift you can be specific about what they gave you, what it meant and how you intend to use it. You can go into greater detail here if you want. If you didn’t like the gift though keep the persons feelings in mind. You don’t want to offend or make them feel like they’ve let you down.

  • The place settings are gorgeous and we plan to use them straight away.
  • The whole day was amazing and I had such a good time. You’re an absolute star and I can’t believe you managed to arrange it all at such short notice.
  • Having all my friends at my side for such a fun day was just perfect. I’m so pleased you could make it.
  • It was such a shame you couldn’t make it but I was really touched to receiver your card.

Final Statement

This should be the last part of your note before the signature. Try to make it specifically personal to them, maybe reiterating some of the general thoughts from before. You could also mention the upcoming wedding, your nerves or how your looking forward to seeing them.

  • Thank You again for your generosity. Not long until the wedding now, can’t wait to see you!
  • I really can’t thank you enough. It was the perfect preparation wedding.
  • We both loved seeing you and can’t wait to catch up some more at the wedding.
  • We’ll have to have a good old chat over a drink when the wedding is finished.

Signing Off

This should be the easiest part. Just sign the card with a warm thank you or greeting and remember to
include your signature.

  • With love
  • Love
  • Warmest thanks
  • Many thanks

Putting it all Together – The Completed Note

For a gift:

Dear _____,

Thank you so much for the lovely bridal shower gift. The place settings are gorgeous and we plan to use them straight away. Thank You again for your generosity. Not long until the wedding now, can’t wait to see you!

With love,

For arranging/hosting:

Dear _____,

I was so grateful for how much time it must have taken to plan my bridal shower. The whole day was amazing and I had such a good time. You’re an absolute star and I can’t believe you managed to arrange it all at such short notice. I really can’t thank you enough. It was the perfect preparation for the wedding.


For attending:

Dear _____,

It was great to see you at my shower. Thanks for coming! Having all my friends at my side for such a fun day was just perfect. I’m so pleased you could make it. We both loved seeing you and can’t wait to catch up some more at the wedding.

Warmest thanks,

For those who couldn’t make it:

Dear _____,

Thank you for the heartfelt wishes, it was so touching. It was such a shame you couldn’t make it but I was really touched to receiver your card. We’ll have to have a good old chat over a drink when the wedding is finished.

Many thanks,

Bridal Shower Thank You Card Etiquette

The etiquette behind sending a card can be almost as tricky to navigate as writing the words themselves. What not to say, when to send it etc. So keep in mind these few extra pointers when writing yours.

When to Send it

A bridal shower thank you card should ideally be sent within two weeks of the shower taking place. It’s not going to be majorly offensive or rude if you do it later but responding in a promptly fashion is always preferable if possible.

Should It Be Handwritten?

Yes! Whilst it’s not completely necessary it does add an extra touch of personalisation. Typing and printing a note can seem a little bland and cold. A smart, well written note will be very warmly received.

Who Should Sign It?

Being unsure of this is a lot more common than you might think. Should it be just the bride or the bride and groom? If you’re not sure then the best answer is both. The reason for this is because the bridal shower gifts are usually meant for the couple. So it only seems fair and right that the groom should be thanking everyone as well.

Should I Send a Gift?

You can! There’s certainly nothing to say you shouldn’t. But if you are going to, do so for someone who has helped arrange or host the party. They’ve gone to the most trouble so a small gift to thank them is perfectly fine. Sending gifts to everyone who attended might be a little over the top though.

What to Avoid Saying

As above, don’t be too negative or critical. If you didn’t like a gift don’t be too harsh or nasty. Most people don’t set out to give an unwanted gift. Stay focused on your note as well. Don’t ramble on about unrelated topics. Keep it concise.

Bridal shower thank you notes and messages

Short and Simple Messages

If you don’t want to write your own note or message then use one of the pre written messages below. These bridal shower thank you messages can be used in a pre bought card or one of your own. Rather than a fully written note they’re a line or two summing up your thoughts.

  • Thank you for the wonderful bridal shower. I still don’t know how you managed to keep it a secret! But it was a brilliant surprise. You’re amazing, love you!
  • I had an absolute blast at my bridal shower! Thank you for making it such a memorable day
  • Thank you for the generous bridal shower git. I really appreciate it
  • I loved my bridal shower gift! Thank you so much!
  • You went to so much trouble arranging and hosting my shower, I’m truly grateful
  • To have arranged the entire event was just incredible. It shows how much you really care. I’ll be forever grateful.
  • I really missed you at the bridal shower! But I know you had a good reason you couldn’t make it. See you soon though.
  • It was such a shame you couldn’t be at the shower but the card was lovely. Thank you.
  • Thanks everyone for such an awesome bridal shower!

Bridal Shower Thank You Note Examples

Below you’ll find a selection of a bridal shower thank you notes that you can use. Just insert the appropriate names.

For Hosting & Arranging

Dear _____,

I just wanted to send a quick note to say how grateful I am that you organised such an amazing bridal shower. I had a wonderful day, the entire thing was perfect and it was all down to you. We won’t forget everything you did. Thanks for being a true friend.


For Gifts

Dear _____,

Thank you so much coming to my wedding shower and for the lovely gift. It was such a special day and made even more so being able to share that with close friends like you. The champagne flutes are absolutely gorgeous and will definitely get a lot of use! Can’t wait to see you at the wedding!

Much love,

For Attending

Dear _____,

Your presence at my bridal shower meant the world to me. It was incredible to have you there and be a part of such an important time in my life. We can’t wait to see you at the wedding too.

All our love,

For Someone Who Couldn’t Attend

Dear _____,

Thanks so much for the great bridal shower card and gift. It’s such a shame you couldn’t make it, I would have loved to have had you there. You were really missed! But the gift you got us was so generous. The picture frame is astonishingly beautiful, you really shouldn’t have. Your generosity is remarkable. We both can’t wait to catch up soon, and of course seeing you on the big day!

Many thanks,

Thank You Messages for Gifts You Received

Receiving a gift is great, right? Be it for a common occasion – birthday, wedding etc, or unexpected and out of the blue. That warm feeling of gratitude and joy you experience. And alright, some gifts aren’t exactly what you wanted. But it’s the thought that counts! And giving a gift is a selfless and generous thing to do. So it’s only right to thank the person giving the gift. Acknowledging their generosity and letting them know you appreciate it is both polite and a good way for them to feel pleased with their actions.

How to Write a Thank You Note for Friends

One of the greatest gifts of friendship is that they’re there for you when you need them. When you’re having a tough time, need support or are feeling down it’s friends who pick you up and help you out. They don’t judge they just want what’s best for you. Friends like these are beyond special, and should always be treasured. We’re lucky to have people like that in our lives. Which is why you may want to send them a note or message of thanks. Thank you note for friends are not only polite to send when someone has really gone out of their way to help but they’re also a great way of just generally showing your appreciation to someone.

Maybe a friend has supported you through a really hard time – divorce, bereavement, loss of job etc. Maybe they’ve given you a really great gift. Or maybe you just want to thank them for years of amazing friendship. Send a thank you note and let them know how much they mean to you and you appreciate them.

Use some of the example notes and messages below to either write your own or copy them as they are.

Thank You Note Examples

Dear _____

I just wanted to let you know how much I value our friendship. Through thick and thin you’ve always been there for me. If you look up the definition of “friend” in the dictionary there should be a photo of you!
Thanks for everything!


Dear _____,

The last few months have been so tough for me but through it all you’ve been there. I don’t know what I’d have done without your unwavering support and friendship. It means the world to me and I can’t express how much I appreciate it.


Dear ______,

You’re always by my side, never judging me and forever supportive. Basically all the things a great friend is meant to be. And I appreciate that more than words can say. I don’t deserve a friend like you but am so grateful I have one.


Dear ______,

Thank you so much for the lovely gift. You went to so much trouble to find me something you knew I’d love. It’s a lovely, generous gesture and I’m ever so grateful for it. Thank you again!


Dear ______,

I don’t say it enough but you’re a true friend! We’ve had such amazing times together that I can’t imagine my life without you. So I just wanted to to send this note to tell you how thankful I am to have you as a friend. I can’t wait for even more years of fun with you!


Whilst buying a thank you note or card is simple and offers a well written thank you message or gesture it is a little impersonal. If you can try to buy one that allows you to add your own message. alternatively write a note on blank stationary and include that in a card. You can even send the note on its own in a pretty envelope if you want.

Thank You Card Messages

The messages below are a quick and short message to include in a card.

  • You’ve always been there for me. Thank you.
  • This is just to thank you for your continued support and help. I truly appreciate it and you
  • I just wanted to thank you for everything. You’re always there, you never let me down. I can’t put it into words how much I appreciate all you do
  • These words won’t do it justice but I wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. Thank you for being my friend.
  • Words alone can’t express how grateful I am for your friendship. Thank you for just being you
  • I know it’s not much but please take this card as a small token of my appreciation. Your support is beyond amazing. Thank you
  • I’ll never forget how you were there for me, and I’ll be forever grateful
  • The way you bring such positivity into my life is incredible. Thanks for that presence and influence on me
  • When I needed strength you were there. I wanted to let you know how much that meant to me and how I’ll always be there for you too
  • This may sound silly but I wanted to let you know you’re an awesome friend! No particular reason, just I appreciate having you as a friend.

Thank you notes for friends

Thank You for a Gift

If you receive a gift you should really send a note or message thanking the sender for their thoughtfulness. Use the examples below to help write your own.

  • Thank You the lovely gift. I truly appreciate the kind gesture.
  • My gift was so thoughtful! Thank you for thinking of me.
  • Thank You for the beautiful present. It’s so touching
  • I really appreciate you thinking of me with the amazing gift. You’re a true friend
  • I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for my lovely gift. It was such a kind gesture
  • Having you as a friend is more than enough! But thank you for the gift!
  • You always know the perfect present to get me! I can’t thank you enough
  • I know how busy you’ve been so wanted to thank you for still managing to get me a brilliant gift
  • You’ve given me the gift of friendship and a lovely gift to go with it. Thank you for everything!
  • I can be tricky to buy gifts for but you nailed it! Thanks!

Thank You Quotes

A quote can be a great way to express your feelings if you can’t find the right words. Many famous people have said profound and interesting things about giving thanks and friendship so have a look at the quotes below:

  • “No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.” – James Allen
  • “Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.” – Richard Bach
  • “There is nothing on this earth more prized than true friendship.” -Thomas Aquinas
  • “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde
  • “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” – Walter Winchell
  • “Friends are the siblings God never gave us.” – Mencius
  • “None of us got to where we are alone. Whether the assistance we received was obvious or subtle, acknowledging someone’s help is a big part of understanding the importance of saying thank you.” – Harvey Mackay
  • “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” – Helen Keller
  • “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – John F. Kennedy

Facebook & Social Media Thank You Messages

If you want to thank someone but don’t have the time to get a card and send it, or if you want to thank a large amount of people in one go then using something like Facebook or other social media is a great way to reach out. You can share a short and simple message to thank your friends through these website or apps if you’re in a rush or pushed for time.

  • Just a quick update to thank everyone for the support!
  • [@name] is incredible and has been there for me through it all!
  • To all my friends – a huge thank you!
  • Thanks for helping me out guys! You rock!
  • All the support has been incredible. Thank you
  • I’ve got the best friends. Thanks for everything
  • Big shoutout to [@name] who has been amazing recently! So thankful to have you in my lif
  • So pleased you could be there for me. Thanks!
  • Thank you all for being there. It means the world to me.
  • Thanks for the gifts you guys! So thankful to you all

What to Write in a Thank You Card

Knowing what to write in a thank you card can be tricky. Sending a card to express your gratitude is a warmhearted and kind gesture. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, nor does it have to be extravagant, but the time you put into a thank you card can reflect and represent the appreciation you have for someone. Be that for their thoughtful actions, words or support.

Thank You Notes for Teachers

A good teacher is invaluable. They inspire, educate and look after us or our children. So many famous and successful people can map their success back to a teacher who believed in them. So expressing your gratitude to a teacher who has been important in you or your child’s life is a small way of saying thanks. And thank you notes for teachers need not be long or overly sentimental. Just a quick few lines, or a simple card is enough. It’s the sort of thing we can all manage. So there’s no excuse! Use some of the examples below as inspiration to write your own thank you note, or copy them directly.

75+ Thank You Wishes and Quotes for Friends

Want to thank your friend for something? Maybe they’ve given you a gift or wished you a happy birthday. Maybe they’ve been there for you and supported you in some way. Or maybe they’re just a great friend and you want to let them know how much they mean to you. If so then use one of over 75 thank you wishes and quotes from our collection below. They range from funny or touching quotes to messages that express the true bond a good friendship brings.

Thank You Notes for Birthday Gifts

When someone sends you a gift or present for your Birthday it is considered polite to reply with a note or thank you notes. If they have taken the time to find and choose you a gift before spending their own money on it then responding with a simple note is only fair. It doesn’t have to be particularly long or verbose. Just something acknowledging the effort they have put in and thanking them for it.