Happy birthday wishes for husband

67 Amazing Birthday Wishes for a Husband

Need help writing some birthday wishes for a husband? Not sure the best way to say ‘Happy Birthday Husband’ to your other half? Can’t find the perfect words to show how you feel? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. You would think that coming up with a birthday message for your husband would be simple, […]

Birthday Wishes for Daughter

If you’re a parent then a Birthday for one of your children will be a familiar occurrence. They come around once a year! And if it’s your daughters birthday then you will no doubt be looking to get her a gift and card. But are you worrying about what to write in that card. Well […]

Happy Birthday Son in Law

Birthday Wishes for Son-in-Law

Wishing your own son a Happy Birthday is pretty darn easy. You’ve known him all your life, you have a strong connection and bond – he’s a member of your closest family. So writing a birthday message or getting him a card isn’t anything you have to worry or stress about. But saying “Happy Birthday […]

What to Write in a Birthday Card

What to Write in a Birthday Card: Birthday Card Messages, Wishes and Quotes

Ah, Birthdays. A joyous time for celebrations, fun and happiness. Who doesn’t love a birthday? You get a party, gifts and cards. And of course when it’s someone else’s you get to return the favor and give them gifts and a card. This allows for you to let them know how special they are to […]

Facebook Birthday Wishes

Facebook Birthday Wishes: Examples to Write as Status Updates, on Walls and Posts

As almost everyone has a Facebook account nowadays, so when it’s someone’s birthday we tend to use the social media website to wish them a happy birthday instead of, or alongside, the more traditional birthday card. It makes sense – it’s much quicker and easier to do this than buying or making a card and having to send it. You can even include a cute or funny video and image to go with it. That’s not to say there’s no place for the traditional greetings card but Facebook has definitely changed the way we say Happy Birthday.
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80th Birthday Wishes

80th Birthday Wishes

An 80th birthday is a tremendous milestone to reach. 80 years of life, experiences, wisdom and hopefully many great memories. It’s a remarkable achievement that deserves to be celebrated and marked in the most fitting way. So if you know someone, maybe a family member or friend, about to celebrate their 80th birthday then you will probably want to give them a gift or card.
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60th Birthday Wishes and Messages

60th Birthday Wishes and Messages

A 60th birthday is considered to be a major event in most people’s lives. You might view it as a big milestone and even an achievement to reach the age of 60. It can also be seen as a negative as it might be looked at as finally reaching old age, which no one really looks forward to. So it’s definitely a mixed blessing. With that in mind, if you know someone who is turning 60, be that a friend or family member, then you will want to consider all these things when wishing them a happy 60th birthday. If you plan to send a gift and card then your 60th birthday wishes will want to reflect the way they are likely to feel about the big day.
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1st Birthday Wishes and Messages to Write in a Card

1st Birthday Wishes and Messages to Write in a Card

A one year old isn’t going to be able to remember much, if any of their 1st birthday. Parents will take photos to preserve the memories and they will be shown to the birthday boy or girl when they get older. One thing they definitely won’t be able to do is read their own birthday […]

Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

50+ Cute Birthday Wishes for Your Boyfriend (with Images)

When it’s your boyfriends birthday you will probably be planning something special. Maybe a big party or special gift. But alongside all the big events and celebrations you won’t want to forget wishing him a Happy Birthday. You might want to do it in person or through a Birthday card. Whichever you choose a touching, cute or funny message is a great way to let your boyfriend know you’re thinking of him on his birthday.
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Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

It’s your daughters birthday! Whatever age she’s turning a birthday for one of your children is a special event. You might be planning a big party or have a special gift to give her. Whatever you decide as your celebration one thing you will definitely want to do is wish her a happy birthday. Either in person or via a card (or both!). Letting your daughter know how much you care for her and how happy you are it’s her birthday is the minimum you can do as her mother!
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