Funny love quotes and sayings

Funny Love Quotes and Sayings

Love can be a serious, often difficult thing. We usually see it in terms of romance or heartbreak. But it also has moments of real humour, wit and hilarity. A sense of humour is always one of the most sought after qualities in a partner, so having a joke and a laugh whilst in love is essential. Who doesn’t love playfully teasing their partner? And a good way to poke fun at a loved one is using some funny love quotes. They send up love, relationships and marriage better than anything else. They’re also perfect to include in cards to your partner or significant other, maybe for an anniversary or even Valentine’s Day.
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Love Quotes and Sentiments to Say "I Love You"

Love Quotes and Sentiments to Help Say “I Love You”

If you’re sending a card or flowers to someone special in your life then a great way to show how much they mean to you, or just to say “I love you”, is with a love quote or saying. In fact you may just want to tell them in person how important they are to you, or even post something on Facebook. Whatever the reason, using one or more cute, touching or funny love quotes is the perfect way to get your feelings across. Especially if you struggle with finding the rights words to express exactly what you’re feeling. Often someone else has said what you want to say but in a much better way!
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