41 Hilariously Funny Quotes about Husbands

Do you find yourself wondering about all the hilarious things husbands do? Looking for some funny husband quotes? Maybe to point out to your hubbie just how silly he is at times (and who’s really in charge!)

Thankfully the men in our lives have a track record of doing and saying some daft stuff, and the wives picking up the pieces!

Marriage can be many things – frustrating, loving, strange – but one thing that it often is, is funny.

Both wives and husbands have completely different ideas of what marriage is like, and so we’ve put together a list of the funniest husband and marriage quotes from the woman’s point of view about their husband.

So take a look below at some of the funniest and best husband quotes, sayings and pictures.

Funny Husband Quotes

Funny Ex Quotes

What’s your Favourite Funny Husband Quotes

Husbands get a lot of fun poked at them but at the end of the day we really love them. They’re our partners, there for us when we need them and generally great guys. Just don’t tell them!

Hopefully these quotes will have shown the lighter, funnier side of marriage and living with your husband.

Do you have a favourite from our funny husband quotes? Maybe one that you can most relate to or that even your own husband likes. Or one we’ve missed out!

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