40+ Anniversary Party Invitation Wording

Writing the perfect invitation for an anniversary isn’t easy. Invites are important as they set the tone for the event and make sure guests have got all the necessary details. So you want to get them right.

But if you’re not sure about what to write in your anniversary party invitation then these examples will help. Plus we have suggestions that will make your invites both engaging and informative.

Anniversary Party Invitation Writing Tips

What to Include

Names: Always start with the names of the couple celebrating the anniversary. It personalizes the invitation and lets the guests know who the celebration is honoring.

Anniversary Year: Highlighting whether it’s the 10th, 25th, 50th etc anniversary provides context and makes the event more special.

Date and Time: Essential information so that guests can save the date.

Location: Include the venue along with directions or a map if it’s in a location that might be hard to find.

RSVP Instruction: Tell guests how and by when they need to confirm their attendance.

Choosing the Right Tone

Formal Invitations: For a milestone anniversary or a large formal gathering use formal language, titles and the full names of your guests.

Casual Invitations: If the event is a less formal or a more family-centred gathering then you can use a more relaxed tone with first names and a conversational style.

Personal Touches

Theme: If your party has a theme (like vintage, tropical etc.), mention this in the invitation to excite guests and maybe even hint at the dress code.

Photos: Adding a photo of the couple or a family photo adds a warm and personal touch.

Formal Anniversary Party Invitation Examples

Please join us in celebrating the 25th Wedding Anniversary of John and Mary Smith.
Saturday, the fifth of November, at six o’clock in the evening.
The Grand Ballroom, Elegance Hotels, 1234 Celebration Rd., Springfield.

You are cordially invited to the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Elizabeth and Robert Brown.
Friday, October 20th at 7 PM.
Vista View Hall, 4567 Mountain Rd., Lakeside.

The honor of your presence is requested at the 40th Anniversary Party for Linda and Michael Johnson.
Saturday, September 10th, at 6 PM.
Sunset Gardens, 8910 Sunset Blvd., Riverside.

Celebrate with us the Silver Anniversary of Rachel and Jeff Walters.
Sunday, December 3rd, starting at 5 PM.
The Heritage Room, Classic Venue, 123 Heritage Way, Midtown.

Join us for the Golden Anniversary of Anne and George Carter.
Sunday, April 14th at 7 PM.
Royal Banquet Hall, 789 Royal St., Kingsville.

Casual Anniversary Party Invitation Examples

Come celebrate 10 amazing years with Emma and Liam!
Friday, July 13th, at 8 PM.
Our backyard – 1221 Birchwood Drive, Pinehurst. Let’s have a blast!

Sara and Tom’s 15th Anniversary BBQ Bash!
Saturday, August 19th, 4 PM until midnight.
789 Riverside Park, Bluebell.

20 Years of Love – Toasting Sharon and Jim!
Join us on June 21st, at 7:30 PM.
The Downtown Brewery, 456 Party Ln., City Center.

It’s a Beach Party for Mia and Kyle’s 5th Anniversary!
Sunday, September 3rd, from 1 PM to sunset.
Sandy Shores Beach Club, 321 Coastal Rd., Beachtown.

Pizza, Love, and 25 Years! Celebrate with Helen and Mark.
Saturday, October 28th at 6 PM.
Luigi’s Pizza Parlor, 654 Elm St., Springfield.

Invitations for a Surprise Anniversary Party

Shh… It’s a Surprise 30th Anniversary Party for Claire and Mike!
Please join us in this covert operation on Sunday, March 15th at 6 PM.
Secret Venue: Whisper Hall, 1234 Quiet Lane, Hushville.

Surprise! We’re celebrating Janet and Rick’s 20 years together!
Mark your calendars for April 10th, 7 PM.
Venue: The Hidden Gem, 5678 Secret Blvd., Mysterytown.

You’re invited to a surprise party honoring 40 years of marriage for Susan and Bill!
Saturday, May 20th at Sunset.
Location: Ocean View Cliff, 901 Sea Breeze Avenue, Cliffside.

Emma and Oliver have no idea we’re celebrating their 10th Anniversary!
Join us for the surprise on Friday, September 1st, at 7 PM.
At The Covert Cove, 321 Stealth Street, Camouflage City.

Help us pull off a surprise 25th Anniversary Party for Diana and Steve!
We gather in secret on December 5th, 6:30 PM.
Venue: The Vault, 654 Locksmith Lane, Quiet Town.

Themed Anniversary Party Invitations

Roaring Twenties Anniversary Bash celebrating 25 years of Lucy and Jack!
Dress in your finest 1920s attire and join us.
Saturday, June 24th at 7 PM.
Speakeasy Bar, 1920 Retro Ave., Oldtown.

Tropical Luau for Anne and John’s 30th Anniversary!
Wear your Hawaiian shirts and join us on July 15th, 5 PM.
Palm Paradise, 123 Tiki Rd., Island View.

Vintage Hollywood Glamour for Elizabeth and Edward’s Golden Anniversary!
Step back in time on August 12th, starting at 6 PM.
Glamour Hall, 456 Star Walk, Hollywood.

Casino Night for Melanie and Tom’s 20th Anniversary!
Try your luck and celebrate on October 10th at 8 PM.
Casino Royale, 789 Dice Roll Ave., Luckville.

Winter Wonderland Ball for Sara and Chris’s 15th Anniversary.
Join us in a magical evening on December 20th at 7 PM.
Frost Hall, 321 Snowflake Blvd., Winter Town.

Destination Anniversary Party Invitations

Join us in the mountains! Celebrating Laura and James’ 10th Anniversary at Sky High Lodge.
Pack your bags for a weekend getaway on September 15th.
Location: Sky High Lodge, 987 Alpine Rd., Mountainville.

Parisian Night: Celebrate 20 years with Michelle and Henry in the City of Lights!
An evening of romance awaits on October 22nd, at 7 PM.
Venue: Paris Café, 123 Champs-Élysées, Downtown.

Seaside Toast for 25 years with Emily and Aaron!
Feel the sand between your toes on July 3rd, from 4 PM till sunset.
Beachside Resort, 456 Ocean View Ave., Coastal City.

Explore the Vineyards with Carol and Greg for their 30th Anniversary!
Wine tasting and dinner on June 5th, 6 PM.
Grand Vineyards, 321 Grape Lane, Wine Country.

Island Fiesta marking Zoe and Liam’s 15th Anniversary!
Island vibes on August 18th, starting at 3 PM.
Sunny Isles Beach Club, 789 Palmtree Road, Tropical Paradise.

Milestone Anniversary Party Invitations

Golden Jubilee: Celebrating 50 Glorious Years with Barbara and Robert!
Join us on November 25th at 6 PM.
Grand Ballroom, Elegant Estates, 123 Golden Blvd., Prestigetown.

Silver Splendor for Anna and Michael’s 25th Anniversary.
A night to remember on December 10th at 7 PM.
Silver Line Venue, 456 Sparkle Rd., Shine City.

Pearl Anniversary Gala for Linda and Thomas—30 Years Together!
Celebrate with us on April 20th, at 7 PM.
Pearl Manor, 321 Luster Ave., Glisten Town.

Crystal Anniversary Celebration for Jennifer and Marcus’ 15th Year.
An elegant dinner on May 14th at 8 PM.
Crystal Hall, 123 Clarity Rd., Clearview.

Diamond Anniversary: 60 Sparkling Years with Patricia and Joe.
A lifetime of love on June 18th, 6 PM.
Diamond Banquet Hall, 789 Radiance Ave., Brilliance City.

Adding Personal Touches to Your Invitations

Whether you’re having an elegant and formal or fun and casual party, and invites that reflect that, adding personal touches to those invitations can make it even more special.

So thin about things that would be meaningful to the couple. So quotes, poems, even a brief timeline of key moments in their relationship.

These sorts of details will not only make the invitations stand out but also set the mood for the celebration.

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