20+ Engagement Party Invitation Wording Examples

When it comes to throwing or organizing an engagement party then getting the invitations right is important. The invites let guests know the essential details but also sets the tone for the celebration.

So you want to get them right.

And with a little bit of help you will. As we have some amazing invitation wording examples and ideas to help you write your own engagement party invites.

Engagement Party Invitation Writing Tips

Writing an invitation for an engagement party involves more than just the basic details; as said before it’s about getting the tone right for the celebration. Use the following as some key elements to consider when drafting your invitations.

What to Include

Names: Start with the names of the engaged couple.
Type of Event: Clearly state that the guests are being invited to an engagement party.
Date and Time: Specify when the celebration will take place.
Location: Include the venue address and any necessary directions.
Additional Details: Mention dress code, themes, or any special requests, such as RSVP instructions.

Formal or Casual

The style of the invitation often reflects the formality of the event:

Formal: Use full names and a more structured, polite wording.
Casual: Allows for more creativity, such as playful language or a personal anecdote about the couple.


Tailor your invitations to reflect the couple’s personality or the theme of the party. Unique touches can make your invite stand out and get guests excited about the event.

Engagement Party Invitation Wording Examples

Invite friends and family to celebrate the promise of eternal love with these invitation wordings:

Formal Gatherings

1. We request the pleasure of your company at the engagement party of Jessica Hill and Michael Ford, Saturday, the twelfth of November at seven o’clock in the evening, The Grand Ballroom, 501 Vine Street.

2. You are cordially invited to join us in celebrating the engagement of Laura Kim to Ethan Wright on Sunday, October 3rd at The Orchard Inn, beginning at 5 PM.

3. Please join us for an elegant engagement celebration honoring Olivia and Liam, Friday, September 15, at 6 PM, The Lakeside Club.

4. The families of Anne Clark and Joseph Wells invite you to share in their joy at the engagement party on June 20th, 7 PM, at The Vineyard.

5. With great pleasure, Emily Johnson and Mark Simpson invite you to join them for their engagement party, on May 5th, starting at eight o’clock in the evening, The Sunset Pavilion.

Casual and Creative

1. Let’s toast to the future Mr. and Mrs. Smith! Join Sarah and Alex for a night of fun, laughter, and celebration, April 22nd at 6 PM, at their home.

2. Pop the champagne! Jenna and Thomas are tying the knot! Come celebrate with us at The City Brewery on March 18th at 7 PM.

3. BBQ & Bubbly! Celebrate our engagement with us, Amanda and Chris, Sunday, July 9th from 3 PM at Pine Creek Park.

4. Pizza, Prosecco, and Party! Join us for a casual engagement bash honoring Sophie and Jack, at The Alley, April 16th at 4 PM.

5. Beach Party Bash! We’re getting married! Join Chloe and Grant for a sunset celebration on Brighton Beach, August 20th at 6 PM.

Certainly! Here are two more subheadings with five example invitations each to help you craft the perfect engagement party invites.

Themed Engagement Party Invitations

Themed parties are a fun way to celebrate an engagement. These invites will help guests to get ready and get involved.

1. Great Gatsby Glamour
“Step back in time and jazz up your best 1920s attire to celebrate our engagement in style! Join us for a roaring evening on Saturday, July 14th, at 8 PM at The Deco Ballroom. RSVP to Daisy & Jay’s Gatsby Bash.”

2. Tropical Luau Love
“Aloha! Join us for a tropical luau to celebrate Emma and Luke’s engagement! Put on your Hawaiian shirts and join us for tropical drinks on August 5th at 4 PM, Sunset Beach.”

3. Vintage Picnic Party
“Pack your picnic blankets and join us for a vintage-style picnic in the park. We’re celebrating Amy and Ryan’s engagement, Sunday, September 10th from 1 PM at Green Meadow Park.”

4. Hollywood Nights
“You are invited to a star-studded engagement celebration! Dress as your favorite movie star and join us on the red carpet to honor Sarah and Alex, October 22nd at 7 PM, The Starlight Pavilion.”

5. Winter Wonderland
“Celebrate our engagement under the stars at our Winter Wonderland Party. Join Claire and Owen on December 19th, at 6 PM at The Frosty Lodge. Cozy attire encouraged!”

Destination Engagement Party Invitations

If you’re planning a destination engagement party these invitations will both excite and inform your guests about the adventure ahead.

1. Parisian Dream
“Join us in the city of love! We are thrilled to invite you to Paris to celebrate our engagement. Meet us at Café L’amour on April 20th at 7 PM for a night of romance.”

2. Beachfront Bash in Bali
“Sun, sand, and a ring on her hand! Join us for a beachfront bash in Bali to celebrate our engagement. Save the date for May 15th, at the Bali Beach Resort.”

3. Vineyard Celebration in Tuscany
“We invite you to join us for a vineyard celebration in the heart of Tuscany. Celebrate our engagement on June 12th at 5 PM, at Il Vino Vineyard.”

4. Castle Festivities in Scotland
“You are royally invited to a majestic engagement celebration at Glencastle, Scotland. Festivities begin on August 18th at 6 PM. RSVP to join us for a night of heritage and happiness.”

5. New York City Getaway
“Take a bite out of the Big Apple with us! We’re celebrating our engagement and would love you to join us on September 30th, at 8 PM at The Metropolitan Loft, NYC.”

Personal Touches

Try to bring elements that reflect the couple’s story or interests to make the invitations feel more personalized and memorable. It could be through something like a custom illustration, using unique paper or creative wording. These small, special touches can resonate with guests and make your invites stand out.

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