45+ Farewell Cake Sayings and Messages

When a coworker moves to a new job, a friend relocates or a loved one retires, sending them off with heartfelt words on a cake can make the occasion even more memorable.

But finding the right message for a farewell cake can be tough. You want to say goodbye but in a succinct few words.

To help we have a variety of messages that will work for different farewell scenarios. Just use one of these examples and you will have the perfect words for your cake.

Classic Farewell Messages

For someone who’s leaving for a new chapter in their life these classic messages will be perfect for a cake.

  • Goodbye and all the best!
  • Farewell and good luck!
  • May your future be bright!
  • We will miss you!
  • Wishing you all the success!
  • Until we meet again!
  • Cheers to new adventures!
  • So long, and thanks for all the memories!
  • Goodbye, good luck, and good fortune!
  • Farewell! Keep in touch!

Messages for a Coworker Leaving for a New Job

When a coworker leaves for a new job these messages express your congratulations and good wishes for their success.

  • Congrats on the new job! We’ll miss you!
  • Onto bigger and better things!
  • Best of luck in your new role!
  • You’re going to be a star in your new job!
  • Keep climbing that ladder of success!
  • May your new job bring you as much joy as you brought us!
  • Sad to see you go but happy for your success!
  • Your new coworkers are lucky to have you!
  • Thanks for all your hard work. Goodbye and good luck!
  • Let’s stay in touch!

Farewell Messages for Someone Moving Away

When someone is moving to a new city or country these cake messages express feelings of saying goodbye and all the best.

  • Safe travels to your new adventure!
  • Distance means so little when someone means so much!
  • May your move be just the beginning of a new life filled with success!
  • Good luck in your new journey!
  • See you soon, in a new place!
  • It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later!
  • Adventure awaits in your new home!
  • You’re going places – literally!
  • May your new home be filled with joy!
  • Start fresh but keep old friends!

Retirement Farewell Cake Messages

Retirement is a milestone event. So celebrating someone embarking on this new phase of life with these cake sayings.

  • Happy retirement! Time to relax!
  • Retirement – where every day is the weekend!
  • Now the fun begins!
  • Congratulations on your retirement!
  • Wishing you endless days of relaxation!
  • Enjoy your new found freedom!
  • No more meetings, hooray!
  • Retired but forever in our hearts!
  • Time to explore new hobbies!
  • You’ve earned every moment of your retirement!

Funny Farewell Messages

Make whoever is leaving laugh with these lighthearted and playful messages.

  • Goodbye, don’t forget to visit us!
  • Leave the work; take the cannoli!
  • Out of sight but never out of mind!
  • We’ll miss the office scapegoat!
  • Don’t be a stranger, just be strange!
  • Sorry for all the pranks, but not really!
  • Now who will I ‘accidentally’ forward emails to?
  • Take us with you!
  • It’s not a goodbye, it’s a ‘buy more cake’!
  • You can run, but you can’t hide!

Inspirational Farewell Messages

Inspire whoever is departing with these uplifting and encouraging farewell cake messages.

  • Chase the dreams, catch the possibilities!
  • May your journey be as fantastic as you are!
  • Dream big, work hard, and stay humble!
  • Keep pushing the boundaries!
  • On to the next great adventure!
  • The best is yet to come!
  • Follow your bliss, explore, discover!
  • Never stop exploring!
  • Your adventure is just beginning!
  • Lead the way to greatness!

When bidding farewell, a cake with a thoughtful or funny message can make a significant impact. Choose the words that best fit the occasion and the individual. Each farewell is a mixture of sadness at the parting and excitement for the opportunities ahead. Whatever the situation, a well-chosen cake message is a sweet way to express your sentiments.

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