50+ Cute Birthday Wishes for Your Boyfriend (with Images)

When it’s your boyfriends birthday you will probably be planning something special. Maybe a big party or special gift. But alongside all the big events and celebrations you won’t want to forget wishing him a Happy Birthday. You might want to do it in person or through a Birthday card. Whichever you choose a touching, cute or funny message is a great way to let your boyfriend know you’re thinking of him on his birthday.

But knowing what to write in a Birthday card for your boyfriend isn’t as easy as it sounds. The love and strength of feelings you have towards him might be difficult to express in words. You want to make sure it captures exactly how you feel.

So if you want to say something cute, romantic and funny to your boyfriend, or just wish him a happy birthday, then use one of our collection of boyfriend birthday wishes below. You can use them as they are or change them so they fit your relationship and boyfriend.

Happy Birthday Wishes for your Boyfriend

You might want to just say a simple happy birthday to your boyfriend and let him know you’re thinking of him on his big day.

Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Romantic Wishes

You might want to really express your love for your boyfriend and let him know what he means to you. Use these romantic messages and wishes to show your love and how much you care for him.

Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Cute Wishes

These Birthday wishes are cute and lovely, even a little bit cheeky! You can use them to remind your boyfriend just how great you are together.

Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Funny Messages

Sometimes you might want to make your boyfriend laugh or gently poke fun at him on his Birthday. A witty message or in-joke can be a great way to make your boyfriend laugh on his birthday. If you want to do this then try one if the funny Birthday wishes below.

For Long Distance

If you are in a long distance relationship it can be difficult to know what to say to your boyfriend. Try one of these wishes and messages that sum up your feelings even when you’re so far apart.

Hopefully you’ll now have found the perfect message to send to your other half, and it’ll be all down to our fabulous list of Birthday wishes for boyfriend!

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