Religious Birthday Wishes and Messages

Birthday wishes tend to be very similar in their nature. Most are simple greetings that say happy birthday in one way or another. Some can be a bit more expressive but follow the same sort of pattern in wishing the recipient a happy or enjoyable birthday. Which is fine if that’s what you want. But sometimes you might want to say something a little different. For example if the person who’s birthday it is has a strongly held faith then you may prefer to send them a religious birthday message.

But knowing what to say or write and possibly what religious verses and texts to use can be difficult. You want your message to be a bit special, perhaps say more than a regular wishing of a happy birthday but you want to get it right. You also will want to avoid causing any offence which is more likely when using something religious.

So if you are struggling a bit with what to say then use the one or more of the religious Birthday wishes below. Some are purely religious based message and words, which you are free to change, whereas others are religious verses and passages.

Religious Birthday Wishes

These religious messages are perfect for expressing your happiness on someone’s birthday in a card, to use on Facebook or other social media, or even to say in person.

Religious Birthday Wishes and Messages

Religious Verses

You can choose to use a fitting Bible verse as a way to celebrate someone’s birthday as well. Try one of the verses below in your card instead of a message or simple greeting.

Religious Birthday Wishes and Messages

Spiritual Birthday Wishes

These Birthday wishes are less specifically religious but more spiritual. They are more suited to someone who doesn’t ascribe to a specific religion or faith but does consider themselves spiritual.

We feel sure that these messages will be perfect for a faith based card or greeting. And that you will have found exactly what you needed from these religious birthday wishes.

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