50+ Thank You Messages for Pet Sitting

When someone takes the time to look after your pet it’s not just about feeding them or taking them for walks. They provide love, care and make sure they feel safe while you’re away. It’s peace of mind for you.

So you will want to thank them for putting your mind at rest and helping make a difference in your and your pet’s lives.

Use these messages to help you express your gratitude to those amazing pet sitters. Whether they’ve shown real dedication, gone the extra mile or simply made your furry friend feel at home, here’s how to say thank you.

Heartfelt Appreciation for Dedication

These messages are for pet sitters who have gone the extra mile and really committed to looking after your pet.

  • Thank you for being so dedicated to taking care of [Pet’s Name]. Your dedication and hard work looking after them made all the difference.
  • I am so grateful for how much care you showed [Pet’s Name] while I was away. I can’t thank you enough.
  • It’s rare to find someone as dedicated as you. You stepped in when I needed it most and did such a good job. Thank you for everything.
  • You could have phoned it in or done as little as possible for [Pet’s Name] but you really went above and beyond. I’m very grateful for how well you looked after them. Thank you.
  • We’re so grateful for your dedicated care. [Pet’s Name] was in the best hands possible. Many thanks.
  • Thank you for doing such a good job looking after [Pet’s Name]. Knowing [Pet’s Name] was with you made my time away worry free and I was able to fully relax.
  • For your dedication and hard work we can’t thank you enough. [Pet’s Name] is lucky to have you.
  • Thank you for being so devoted to our pet’s happiness and health. It means so much to us knowing we can rely on someone like you.
  • Your diligence to looking after [Pet’s Name] is so appreciated. I know I was asking a lot of you so thank you for coming through for me.
  • Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for pet sitting [Pet’s Name]. You stepped in when we needed someone the most and did an amazing job. We won’t forget it.

Gratitude for Going Above and Beyond

For those who did more than what was asked you can use these messages to say thanks and show how much you appreciate them.

  • Thank you for going above and beyond for [Pet’s Name]. That extra care made them feel more relaxed during a stressful time. So a big thanks for everything.
  • We appreciate all the extra things you did for [Pet’s Name]. You didn’t have to but it was fantastic you did. Thanks – you’re amazing!
  • We really noticed and appreciated all the extra things you did in looking after [Pet’s Name]. Thank you for being wonderful.
  • Your willingness to go the extra mile for [Pet’s Name] means so much to us. Putting something as important as the care of your pet in someone else’s hands can be worrying but you were incredible. We always felt comfortable and never in doubt [Pet’s Name] was getting the attention they needed. Thank you so much.
  • Thank you for the extra care and love you showed [Pet’s Name]. They are more than just a pet to us so their care is massively important. We are truly grateful.
  • Thank you for the exceptional care and all the extras you provided. [Pet’s Name] came home happy and content and that’s all we ever wanted. You did a wonderful job.
  • I can see how much you put yourself out to make sure [Pet’s Name] got everything they needed and was well looked after. Thank you for all the effort and time you gave them. It’s such a weight of my shoulders to know my beloved pet is properly cared for.
  • You went above and beyond with pet sitting and I can’t say I’m surprised. You’ve always been the most reliable person I know who does everything they can to help a friend in need. So a huge thanks for doing a top job pet sitting.

Thanks for Making Them Feel at Home

These messages express your gratitude for making your pet feel loved and at home in your absence.

  • Thank you for making [Pet’s Name] feel right at home with you. She/he can be nervous at first but you really helped him/her to get settled and comfortable.
  • Going out of your way to make [Pet’s Name] feel properly at home when staying with you was such a kind gesture. We can’t thank you enough.
  • Your ability to make [Pet’s Name] feel comfortable and loved even when they were stressed was so impressive. It made their stay with you much easier and I’m super grateful for that.
  • Thank you for giving [Pet’s Name] a home away from home. It gives us peace of mind to know they’re well looked after and happy.
  • We really appreciate you making [Pet’s Name] feel so welcomed and loved. They came back as happy as they left and that’s down to you. Thank you!
  • Thank you for the warmth and comfort you provided [Pet’s Name]. They mean so much to me that knowing they were happy is all that mattered. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.
  • Your ability to make [Pet’s Name] feel at home was amazing. They’re usually really anxious and have a hard time getting settled anywhere new. But they had a great time with you. So a big thank you.
  • Thank you for ensuring [Pet’s Name] felt comfortable and happy with you. I can see you went to a lot of effort and that is truly appreciated.

Acknowledgment for Handling Special Needs

If someone has taken extra care of your pet with certain special needs then acknowledge their efforts and thank them with these messages.

  • Handling [Pet’s Name]’s special needs with such care was amazing. I know it can’t have been easy for you but you did amazingly well. Thank you.
  • We appreciate your attentiveness to [Pet’s Name]’s special requirements. It’s a lot to handle and you didn’t miss a beat. Well done and a big thank you!
  • I know it was a big ask and imposition to look after [Pet’s Name], especially with their extra needs, but you were brilliant. I can’t thank you enough for doing everything I needed and without any issues. You’re a true friend.
  • Thank you for the love and special care you gave to [Pet’s Name]. He/she is so sensitive but you coped extremely well. Thanks for helping me out when I needed it most.
  • [Pet’s Name]’s dietary requirements can be tricky but you didn’t have any problems with it. He/she was well fed and very happy, something I was quite surprised about considering how fussy he/she is. So thank you for being patient with him/her and taking extra care.
  • Handling [Pet’s Name]’s special requirements with such dedication was incredible. He/she couldn’t have had a better person to be looking after them. Many thanks!
  • We’re so grateful for the special care you provided [Pet’s Name]. We were worried our instructions might be too complicated but you nailed it. Thank you so much.
  • Thank you for being so attentive towards [Pet’s Name]’s special needs. We know it might seem like we’re being too careful but he/she means everything to us so we just want to make sure he/she is cared for properly.

Appreciation for Last Minute Assistance

Sometimes you need someone to help and pet sit at the last minute. These messages will say thank you in those circumstances and express your relief for them helping at short notice.

  • Stepping in at the last minute to help with [Pet’s Name] was a lifesaver. A massive thank you.
  • Last minute help can be a tall order, but you really came through for us. We are sorry we had to ask at short notice but we appreciate it more than we can say. Thank you.
  • We’re so thankful you were able to help at the last minute. We don’t know what we would have done without you. Thank you for being there.
  • Thank you for your quick response when we called on you. I know it was out of the blue but you didn’t hesitate to help and look after [Pet’s Name]. We are indebted to you and ever so grateful.
  • We’ll be forever grateful that you could step in at the last minute to look after [Pet’s Name]. We had no one else and you saved us. Please know how much we appreciate it.
  • We can’t thank you enough for being there for us and [Pet’s Name] with such little notice. You’re a star!
  • You’re the best for stepping in like you did and taking care of [Pet’s Name] at the last minute. Thank you for making my life so much easier.
  • You didn’t have to agree to pet sit, especially when you were asked to late in the day, but you did and without any complaint. We couldn’t be more grateful to how you helped out when we were stuck. Thank you for being an awesome friend.

Gratitude for Keeping the Routine

Many pets like to keep a routine and regular schedule. If someone has looked after them and kept that routine up say thank you with these messages.

  • Thank you for keeping [Pet’s Name] on their routine. He/she really loves sticking to what he/she knows and it makes him/her much more comfortable.
  • I know that keeping to [Pet’s Name]’s routine couldn’t have been easy, but you did it brilliantly. Thank you so much.
  • Thank you for ensuring [Pet’s Name] stayed on his/her regular schedule. It would have kept him/her a lot more comfortable and happy which means a lot to me.
  • Maintaining [Pet’s Name]’s routine was crucial for his/her well being and you got it spot on. Thank you for doing the hard work, I owe you one.
  • Thank you for your diligence in keeping [Pet’s Name]’s schedule. It may seem like a hassle but it was a huge help. Thank you for not questioning it and just simply wanting to help.
  • We wanted to say thank you for going to the trouble of keeping up [Pet’s Name]’s routine. You did an amazing and we couldn’t be happier.
  • [Pet’s Name] sends his/her thanks for continuing his/her routine while you pet sat! We’re happy about it too!
  • Thank you for the consistency you showed in keeping [Pet’s Name]’s routine. It may not seem like a big deal but it definitely makes a difference.

Thanks for the Updates and Photos

The pet sitter might have been kind enough to keep you in the loop with photos and updates. That helped reassure you everything was going ok. If so the say thanks with the following example messages.

  • Thank you for the updates and photos. They kept us connected to [Pet’s Name] and knowing he/she was doing well.
  • Getting photos and updates from you was the highlight of my day. Seeing how [Pet’s Name] was getting on was wonderful. Thank you for doing it.
  • Having a constant stream of updates made being away from [Pet’s Name] so much easier. Thanks for helping me to stay connected and feel reassured.
  • The updates and cute photos you sent were incredibly reassuring. I know I didn’t really have anything to worry about but the photos definitely helped ease my mind. So a big thank you.
  • Thank you for the frequent updates and adorable photos while you were pet sitting. I understand it was a lot to ask so I really appreciate it.
  • Thank you for helping me to feel comforted and informed with the updates. Being apart from a beloved pet can be hard but you made it much easier. And for that I’m very grateful.

Pet sitting is a big deal. Putting a beloved pet in the hands of someone else is something many owners struggle with. So if someone has done a good job you should thank them. Hopefully these messages have helped you find the right sort of words to say thanks and show your appreciation.

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