50th Anniversary Wishes and Quotes

A 50th anniversary, so 50 years of marriage or being together, is an amazing milestone to reach. Not many get that far and the commitment it shows is inspiring. 50 years of love, making it through tough times and still having that enduring bond deserves everyone’s respect.

An anniversary of this magnitude means you will definitely want to celebrate and send the couple a gift or card. That may not seem like much but some touching or thoughtful 50th anniversary wishes can really add to the occasion.

Sharing the celebrations with family and friends, reliving the best times and enjoying a special day is the best way to celebrate a golden anniversary.

So if you are going to be sending an anniversary card and aren’t sure what to write in it then use some of the examples below. You’ll find some great idea for spouses, friends, religious and funny messages and much more.

What to Write in a 50th Anniversary Card

You can follow some of these tips to write your own message if you prefer not to use a prewritten one.

  1. When writing your wishes you might want to consider what you would like to receive if you were in the same position. Putting yourself in the recipients shoes allows you to get better idea of what to say and how it will be received.
  2. If you’re going to be sending a gift with your card then you can mention that or reference it in your message. Perhaps even working it into the wishes if it works.
  3. If you’re going to write a joke or something funny then be absolutely certain before doing so that they won’t be offended by it. Some people will take something like a 50th anniversary very seriously and not think it’s right to joke about. If you’re not sure then avoid doing so just in case. Better to be safe than sorry!
  4. Whilst your message is important so is the card you choose. Take some time to pick out the best one you can find, or if you’re making one yourself be sure it’s not cheap looking it poorly done.
  5. Remember to speak from the heart! Don’t worry too much about not getting the right words. As long as it’s honest and what you truly feel it’ll be great.

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For a Couple

These messages and wishes are perfect for a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary.

  • Happy 50th anniversary! Congratulations and have a lovely day
  • 50 years is an amazing achievement, congratulations!
  • We are always so inspired by your lasting love. Happy anniversary
  • We want to wish you all the happiness in the world. Have a great day and congratulations on 50 years!
  • You’re an inspiration to all of us. We only hope we reach 50 years! Happy anniversary
  • Wishing you another 50 years together!
  • Have a wonderful day celebrating a truly amazing achievement. Congratulations and happy anniversary
  • The commitment and devotion you’ve shown each other is a true example of love. I hope you share many more happy years together. Congratulations
  • A golden Couple for a golden anniversary! Well done on reaching 50 years
  • I think your marriage is finally safe. The statistics of divorce for couples who make it 50 years is almost zero. So, the next 50 should be easy.
  • Best wishes for your 50th anniversary
  • Seeing a lasting love like yours is both beautiful and inspiring. Congratulations and thank you for such a wonderful gift
  • Marriage can be tough but through it all you guys have weathered those times and come out the other side. Wishing you a lovely 50th celebration
  • Most of my relationships last about 50 days, let some 50 years! You’re both truly special. Happy Anniversary
  • Happy 50th anniversary. Here’s to 50 more!
Instead of saying “50th anniversary” you can use ‘Golden Anniversary’ instead. It’s the alternative name for 50 years of marriage and means you can theme your gift or card around gold

For a Spouse

If it’s you’re own 50th anniversary then you may want to share your thoughts and feelings on the day with your other half.

  • Thank you for sticking with me on this amazing journey. 50 years of love and happiness and still as strong as ever
  • To my one true love – the last 50 years have been better than I could ever have imagined. Thank you for making my life complete.
  • You’ve made all my dreams come true. I couldn’t imagine a life without you and I look forward to many more happy years.
  • To my darling wife – don’t ever change! After 50 years you’re still as perfect as you were the day I met you. Happy anniversary
  • I grew up with the ideas of Prince Charming and who knew I’d be so lucky to find him. You were and always will be the man if my dreams and I’m forever thankful found you.
  • After 50 years together my love for you is as strong as ever, and it grows stronger each day. Happy anniversary my love
  • We’ve had countless amazing times together over the last 50 years and I can’t wait for countless more. Here’s to us!
  • I feel so luck to have you as my husband/wife. Happy 50th anniversary

Happy 50th anniversary and congratulations

For Parents

It may be your own parents who have reached their golden anniversary.

  • Happy anniversary mom and dad! 50 years is amazing, I’m so proud of you
  • I’m so proud of you guys and so pleased to have got to witness firsthand a fairytale love story! Congratulations mom and dad
  • Happy 50th anniversary to the most amazing couple I know – my parents. You’re a true inspiration to me.
  • You’ve set the bar and example to me by being such a loving couple. 50 years and still together.
  • Happy Golden Anniversary! Today is your day. Enjoy it and remember I love you both so much
  • To my parents – have a wonderful 50th anniversary. Watching such a loving, happy couple has been a real inspiration
  • Your strong relationship and marriage has shown me how truly happy a couple can be. As you reach 50 years together I wanted to thank you and wish you even more happiness for the years ahead

Funny Wishes

Sometimes, even on such special occasions, it’s good to laugh. A long lasting marriage is built on fun times and sharing a sense of humour. So a funny message can definitely be fitting and appropriate for a big anniversary.

  • Two rules that ensure a golden marriage: 1. The wife is always right. 2. When you feel she is wrong slap yourself and read rule number one again
  • You’ve lived happily together for 50 years. Quite a feat for you two!
  • You made it through all these years without either of you ending up in jail or dead! That feels like a win.
  • Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right and the other is the husband!
  • On our anniversary, I want you to know how much happiness and satisfaction I got from annoying the hell out of you all these years. I also want you to know that have no plans of stopping anytime soon. Happy anniversary, dear husband!
  • Today, we celebrate the best decision you have ever made in your life. That’s making me your wife and the mother of your kids. Happy anniversary, honey!
  • Happy 50th anniversary to a couple of people who maybe shouldn’t have gotten married, but somehow made it work all these years. Congratulations!
  • Holy crap. We’re still married? You’re still my husband? Happy anniversary, I guess. I love you!

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Religious Wishes

If the happy couple are religious then including a message that reflects that may be appropriate. Be sure you’re not offending anyone with a religious message though.

  • You’re the perfect example for the sort of commitment God wanted from marriage. Happy 50th anniversary
  • May the strength of God hold you together for many more years. Congratulations on your 50th anniversary
  • Wishing you a blessed anniversary.
  • God has blessed you with a long and happy marriage. Congratulations
  • I pray you have many more years of happy marriage with God in your life. Have a truly blessed anniversary
  • May you continue to stay strong by the faith in the Lord that you both share.
  • Your marriage much like your faith had remained true and strong.

An anniversary of this importance deserves celebrating. Half a century is an amazing achievement. So we hope these wishes and message will have helped you to find the perfect way to wish someone a happy 50th anniversary.

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