46 of the BEST Housewarming Wishes and Quotes

Buying or moving into a new house is one of life’s major events. It can mean the start of a new family, the moving on up in the world, or maybe just starting afresh. Most people aspire to own their own property so when it happens it’s definitely a big occasion. One thing most people do when hearing of a friend or family member moving into a new home is to congratulate them. Or if you’ve got a new neighbour wishing them well in their new house is a great way to break the ice. Sometimes you might buy them a housewarming gift, especially if they hold a housewarming party. But even if they don’t and you choose not to get them a gift you may still want to send them a card congratulating them or just put a message on Facebook.

But you might also be struggling with what to say. You’ll want to wish them well and congratulate them on their new home. If you find you’ve got writers block though then try some of the housewarming wishes and messages below to give you some inspiration. Or feel free to copy the examples, edit them to fit your situation and use them as you wish.

Housewarming Wishes

These are some short and simple housewarming wishes to put in a housewarming card, send as an SMS, use on Facebook or just say in person. You can change them or add anything extra you need to personalise the message.

Home sweet home housewarming image

Housewarming Congratulations

Congratulate someone on their new house with one of the congratulations messages below. Let them know how pleased you are with their big move and join in with the happiness.

Congratulations! I hope your new house brings you and your family much happiness message

Housewarming Quotes

Instead of using a message or best wishes you can choose a housewarming quote. These can be insightful, witty or just sum up your feelings perfectly.

Happy new home Housewarming saying

Funny Housewarming Wishes

A good way to congratulate or wish someone well on their new home is with something a little cheeky and humorous. They’ll probably already be smiling because of the new house but you can add to the cheer with a witty message.

Feels like home quote

Housewarming Poems

A clever or touching poem can be a great way to congratulate someone on moving into a new house. If you can’t write your own, and don’t worry if you can’t because it’s tough, then take a look at the few below.

You should now have all you need to congratulate and send your best housewarming wishes to whoever it is moving into their new home.

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