Retirement Wishes to Write in a Card

When someone retires it’s a good idea to congratulate them on their years of hard work and success. So sending them retirement wishes in a card, possibly with flowers or a gift, is the perfect way to recognise a lifetime of the tough grind. You can let them know how proud of them you are, maybe use some humour and make it clear how great they’re future is going to be.

But knowing what to say and the right words to use can be tricky. Retirement isn’t always a time that everyone looks forward to. The end of work can leave some people feeling directionless and that they don’t have any value left. So choosing the right message for the right person is important. Words can be powerful.

So use one of the retirement wishes and messages below to give you ideas or inspiration to write your own. Or you can edit them to fit the person you’re sending it to or copy them exactly as they are.

Retirement Wishes

Try one of these retirement wishes either in a retirement card, to use on Facebook and social media or even just to say to them in person and wish them the best.

Retirement Congratulations

Instead of wishing someone well in their retirement you may choose to congratulate them on their success and hard work.

Retirement Quotes

Using a profound or funny retirement quote is a great way to let the recipient know you’re feeling if you are struggling to find the words yourself. Something witty or insightful is the perfect way of saying well done and wishing them the best.