40+ Example Thank You for Letting Me Borrow… Messages and Notes

We often borrow items from friends or family. So expressing your gratitude for their generosity is essential.

Whether you’ve borrowed a book, money, a kitchen appliance or any other possession, a thoughtful thank-you message goes a long way.

Here are some example thank-you messages and notes for various borrowed items:

Book Borrowing Appreciation

When you’ve borrowed a book and want to say thanks these messages will help you express your appreciation.

  • Thank you for letting me borrow that book. Your recommendation was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You’ve got a wonderful taste in books.
  • Thank you for generously lending me that book I’ve hand my eye on. I really appreciate it and I’ll make sure to return it in pristine condition.
  • I’m very grateful for the book you lent me! It was a fantastic read and I’m thankful for your recommendation. Looking forward to more book exchanges in the future.
  • Thanks a million for lending me the book. It was the perfect escape and I feel very lucky you were willing to share with me.
  • Reading that book recommendation of yours was fantastic. Thank you! Your thoughtfulness in sharing your favorite books means a lot to me.

Kitchen Appliance Borrowing Gratitude

When someone lends you a handy kitchen appliance acknowledge their kindness with a thank you note or message.

  • Thank you for letting me borrow your kitchen appliance. I was in a real bind and it saved me from a culinary disaster.
  • I’m so thankful for the loan of your kitchen gadget. It truly worked wonders and I appreciate your willingness to share your appliances.
  • The bread maker you loaned me was a game changer. Thanks for being so generous – I promise to share what I’ve baked with you!
  • I’m so grateful for lending me your mixer. A simple act of kindness turned a potentially stressful cooking situation into a breeze. Thank you!
  • Thank you for being my kitchen savior. Borrowing your appliance made a significant difference and I’m really grateful for your generosity.

Electronic Device Borrowing Thanks

Whether it’s a laptop, tablet, phone or any electronic device, a thoughtful thank you message show your appreciation.

  • Thank you for letting me borrow your laptop. It was a a massive help when otherwise I would have really struggled.
  • The tablet you loaned me was a life saver. I’m not sure what I would have done without you. And I know how important the tablet is to you so I’m grateful for the trust you showed in me.
  • When my phone broke I was lost so thank you so much for stepping in and lending me yours. I owe you!
  • Thanks a bunch for lending me your laptop. That kindness helped me to complete my work without any issues and I’m so grateful for your assistance.
  • Please know how grateful I am for you letting me borrow your charger. My battery was completely flat and I would have been in a huge mess without being able to recharge it. So a big thank you.

Borrowing Money Appreciation

When someone extends financial help expressing your gratitude is a must. Here are some thank you messages for borrowing money.

  • Loaning money is always awkward but your support came at such a crucial time. I’m overwhelmed by your generosity and for your trust. I will pay you back in full – thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • Thank you for your willingness to lend a helping hand during a tough time. That kindness has made a significant difference and I’m really grateful for your support. I won’t forget it.
  • Thank you for your financial support – it has been a massive help during a challenging period. I guarantee you I will pay you back very soon.
  • Your willingness to lend me money has been a blessing. You trusting me is very touching and the impact your support has had on my situation can’t be overstated. I don’t know whatin would have done without you.
  • I’m so grateful for the borrowed funds that eased a tricky situation. It will only be a month and I’ll be able to pay you back. Thank you for being so understanding.

Borrowing a Car Thanks

Show your gratitude when someone lends your their car with the following messages.

  • Thank you for letting me borrow your car! I know how special it is to you so I was very careful with it. I’m touched by your trust – thanks again.
  • You lending me your the car was just what I needed. I couldn’t have made it to my meeting without transport so it was invaluable. Many thanks.
  • I appreciate your kindness in letting me borrow your car. That generosity turned a potential distaste into a smooth and easy situation. Big thanks.
  • Thanks a bunch for lending me your car! It’s a big deal to trust someone with your car and you didn’t hesitate. Thank you.
  • I had no way to pick up my family from the airport until you stepped in. Thank you, your gesture meant I could easily get them home without any issues. My deepest thanks.

Borrowing Gardening Equipment Appreciation

If you’ve borrowed some gardening equipment say thank you with some thoughtful words.

  • Thank you for letting me borrow your lawnmower. My lawn was a mess and seeing as my mower wasn’t working I really needed. Thank you for being so generous.
  • You loaning me your spade was so nice. It made the gardening I wanted to get done much easier. Thank you.
  • I appreciate your kindness in letting me borrow your gardening equipment. Mine is so old and rusted I wouldn’t have been able to get anything done. So a big thank you.
  • Thanks a lot for lending me your tools. My garden is now looking as good as ever! And that’s thanks you.
  • I’ve not only saved time but also been able to really enhance my garden with your tools. Without your kindness I would never have achieved as much as I have. So thank you.

Other Frequently Borrowed Items

Tools and Equipment

  • Thank you for letting me borrow your tools. I’m not great at DIY at the best of times but your tools really helped me out. I got a lot done and my projects is almost finished so thank you.
  • My home improvements are flying now because of your tools. I would still be struggling with my old ones if it wasn’t for your generosity. Thank you for helping out.
  • You’ve saved me a lot of time and money by lending me your tools. I can’t wait for you to see everything I’ve done. Thanks for the help.
  • My project is coming along so well now thanks to your tools. I didn’t have the necessary equipment and you were there to help out. Thank you so much.
  • Many thanks for the tools. I promise I’ll look after them and treat them well.

Clothing and Accessories

  • Thank you for letting me borrow your outfit. It was perfect for the occasion and made me feel a million dollars. You have amazing taste.
  • I know how much you treasure that sweater so I really appreciate you lending it to me for the night. I loved wearing it though and am super grateful.
  • The earrings went perfectly with my outfit! I was struggling to find anything to match so your letting me borrow yours was exactly what I needed. It added a special touch to my outfit and I’m really thankful.
  • Thanks for lending me your clothes. That trust you have I wont ruin them made a positive impact on my confidence and on how I looked.
  • I managed to avoid a wardrobe crisis because of your generosity. The party I had to go to needed something special and your dress was perfect. A big thank you for letting me wear it.

Expressing your gratitude for borrowed items is a simple yet great way to demonstrate how much it meant to you. Whatever it is you’ve borrowed taking the time to convey your thanks lets them know how much you appreciate their gesture.

So use these messages and let your friends and family know how much their generosity meant to you.

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