College Graduation Wishes and Messages to Write in a Card

Graduating from college is one of life’s biggest events. After years of hard work and dedication the reward is both a relief and a time for celebrating. If you know anyone who has or is about to graduate college then you should have a huge amount of admiration for them. A good way to show how proud of their achievements is to congratulate them, possibly with a gift or card. You don’t have to go over the top or spend a huge amount, but celebrating a major life event of theirs is always a nice gesture.

But if you’re going to be giving them a card you might be struggling what what to write or say in it. Finding the words to sum up your feelings and wish the college graduate success or congratulations can be difficult. If it’s a close family member – perhaps your son, daughter, grandchild etc. – then you will probably be feeling massive amounts of pride, and will want your card message to reflect that. Other, less close friends or acquaintances may require you to wish them well and celebrate their achievements without the same emotional involvement. So it can be tricky finding the right and appropriate words.

Thankfully this guide will show you the perfect messages to write in your college graduation card. Be that a simple card message, quotes, or even more lengthy speeches, we’re sure you’ll find what you need to congratulate the graduate. You can use any of the examples below and copy them directly into your card (or change them to fit your circumstances)

College Graduation Wishes

These happy graduation messages aren’t specific to or from a person so can be used in most circumstances. They should be a good way of generally wishing someone well on their college graduation.

Graduation Congratulations Image

College Graduation Quotes

A inspirational, funny or insightful quote is a great way to congratulate someone on their graduation. Try one of these graduation quotes below for your card.

Funny College Graduation Wishes

Why not put a smile on the graduates face on their big day? A witty or funny message is a great way to share in the fun of their big occasion. So use one of the funny messages or quotes below in your college graduation card.

Inspirational College Graduation Quotes

You might want to inspire the new graduate with words of encouragement. If so then try an inspirational quote from a famous author, politician, sportsperson and more.

Christopher Reeve Inspirational Graduation Quote

For a Friend

If it’s a friend of yours graduating then you will want to wish them well on the future and congratulate their success. Either in person or with a card, try the messages below to show your friend how proud of them you are.

Congratulations on your graduation wish

For Son

If your son is graduating then you will no doubt be feeling incredible pride and joy at his success. You can use one of the wishes below to hopefully sum up your feelings and let him know just how proud you are of his achievements.

For Daughter

Your daughter graduating is such a huge event and will fill your heart with happiness and pride. Take those feelings and express them in a touching and thoughtful best wishes to her. If you need a little help then try the examples below.

For Grandson

Grandparents often have a special and close relationship with their grandchildren. So seeing your grandson graduate from college will be a hugely important event. Pride, love, happiness – all emotions you will probably be feeling. So use these wishes to tell your grandson just how proud you are of him.

For Granddaughter

Much like with your grandson a granddaughter graduating will be a source of joy and immense pride. She will want to know her grandparents are thinking of her so make sure to wish her well and congratulate her with these wishes.

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