Graduation Wishes and Congratulations (60+ Amazing Examples)

Mortar boards at the ready! It’s time to celebrate the achievements and hard work put in by graduates. You may know one or more people graduating from high school, college or even just a course. Their dedication to academia is a huge accomplishment and you will probably want to send a gift or card. If so then you need to consider what you’re going to write in your card. Graduation wishes and messages can be tricky to write but fear not because they don’t have to be.

We’ve put together an extensive list of graduation wishes and messages, including quotes, funny wishes, and specific messages for sons, daughters, college and high school graduates. You can choose to use them however you like, be that as inspiration for your own, personalised for your specific situation or exactly as they are.

Graduation Wishes

For a graduation card or to go with a gift use one of these simple yet touching graduation wishes. You can copy them as they are or use them as inspiration for writing your own.

wishing you so much love and happiness on your graduation day

Graduation Congratulations

If you prefer to congratulate the graduate rather than wishing them well or success then use one of the congratulations messages below.

you have such a bright future ahead of you congratulations on graduating

Graduation Quotes

A clever or insightful quote can be a great way to really capture the moment. There have been many famous people over the years who have spoken or written astute things regarding graduation. They work very well in cards so use one of the selected few below.

Funny Graduation Messages

Whilst graduation can be a serious celebration there’s no harm having some fun on the day! It is a time for joy and happiness, so what better way to show that than with laughter?

For College

College graduation is a massive achievement and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The four years it takes requires hard work and dedication, all of which should be celebrated and congratulated.

congrats grad you did it message

For High School

Graduating high school is one of the biggest moments in a young persons life. It marks the start of a new phase in a persons life, be that going on to college or into work. This change and the new chapter of someone’s life means wishing them success and congratulations is only fitting.

For a Son

When it’s your son graduating the pride and love you’ll feel will be overwhelming. It also represents the growing up of your once little boy, moving on to greater things. Let him know just how proud of him you are and congratulate him on a wonderful achievement.

For a Daughter

As with a son, a daughter graduating will fill you with just as much love and pride. Let her know how proud of her you are, and that seeing her become the independent, strong woman she now is has been such a pleasure.

Hopefully you will now be fully equipped to write a graduation card. Just follow some of the examples here for inspiration (or copy them as they are), and you’ll have the perfect graduation wishes for any occasion.

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