60+ Get Well Wishes for After Surgery

Having surgery, even for something that could be considered minor, is a frightening experience. It can remind you of your own mortality or fragility. It can bring about thoughts of what might happen or will you get through it. Then, if it’s major surgery, there’s the fear of what will happen afterwards and the recovery. It’s an understandably worrying time for anyone going through it. So if you know of anyone who is facing surgery, or has been through it, then you will probably want to wish them well, to get better and offer some reassurance.

One of the best ways to do this is with a thoughtful get well card. It allows you to write a message and let the person know you’re thinking of them. But if you’re going to send the recuperating patient a get well soon card and message then you might be struggling with what to write or say. Knowing the right words to use, what to avoid saying, how to make them feel better etc. can be tough.

So if you need a little help then follow some of the tips we’ve listed and check out the get well wishes below. You can use them directly as they are or change them so they fit your situation better.

Get Well Soon Messages after Surgery

These words of encouragement and messages to get well are quite non specific so work for many different situations or scenarios. You can use them in cards, through posting on social media or even in person.

Funny Get Well Wishes for after Surgery

Humour is the greatest medicine, they say. And we all know if we’re feeling poorly or down then having something to make us laugh and cheer us up can be a great help. So send a funny get well soon message and put a smile on the recuperating patients face.

Religious Get Well Soon Wishes

If you know the person recovering from surgery is religious then you might want to use a healing prayer or religiously themed message to wish them well. Remember to be careful with religious words though as you could cause unintended offence if the recipient isn’t religious themselves. So be 100% certain before using them.

Inspirational Get Well Messages

Another good way to cheer someone up after their surgery is with something inspirational. Using uplifting quotes and inspiring or positive words is a great way to make them feel better about their recovery.

Get Well Wishes for After Knee Surgery

Get Well Soon for After Heart Surgery

Get Well Poems and Verses

If you’re sending a get well soon card you can include a touching poem or verse in it instead of a message. These can be a quick and witty few lines or a longer, more heartfelt type of poem.

Get Well Soon Pictures

These pictures can be used on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Share them with a loved one or friend who’s just had surgery to cheer up their day.

your illness does not define you your strength and courage does