Happy Father’s Day Wishes, Messages and Quotes (with Images)

Father’s are often underappreciated. We probably gravitate towards our mother’s for more help or when we’re in trouble. But in so many cases it’s the fathers that are the rock that holds everything together. So wishing your dad a Happy Father’s Day, maybe giving him a gift and card, is the least you can do to show your appreciation for such an important person in your life.

But it’s normal if you aren’t sure how to express the love and feelings you have towards him. Being able to take what you’re feeling and put it into words can be incredibly difficult. So if you’re sending your father, father in law or step dad a Father’s Day card you might be struggling with what to write. Thankfully you’ve come to the right place!

Below you will find a large collection of Father’s Day wishes, messages and quotes. Ranging from sweet and touching to funny and insightful, we’re sure you will find the perfect message that says exactly what you’re feeling. You can copy them as they are or use them as inspiration to write your own greeting.

Happy Father’s Day Messages

These Father’s Day messages are quite general and should fit most situations. You can use them in a card, on Facebook or other social media websites or you can say them to your father in person.

Happy Father's Day Wishes


There have been many inspirational quotes and sayings about dads by some of the most famous and respected people. You can use one of these quotes in your Father’s Day card if you feel they’ve said what you’re feeling better than you could.

Funny Messages

Want to give your old man a laugh? Try a funny message and put a smile on his face this Fathers Day.

Funny Father's Day Wishes

From Daughter

If you’re the daughter to a dad then you can talk about how important he’s been to you, how he’s protected and provided for you. Use these sentiments in your card by taking a look at the messages below.

From Son

As a son your dad has probably been a role model and someone you’ve looked up to as you’ve grown. This is the sort of thing to let him know on his special day, so use the wishes below.

Thank You Father's Day Message

For Husband

You can wish your husband a happy Father’s Day and celebrate how wonderful your family is and great a day he’s become for your children.

For Step Dad

A step dad may not be your biological father but they have been there when you’ve needed them and stepped in to fill that void. They deserve to be wished a Happy Father’s Day just as much as any other dad!

For Father in Law

A father-in-law can become just like a second dad. The relationship can really develop and flourish. So wish your father-in-law a Happy Father’s Day with one of the messages below.

Father’s Day Poems

A lovely and touching poem for your dad is a great way to show you care. But if you’re not Robert Frost then you might want to take a look at our poems rather than trying to write your own!

Father’s Day Text Messages

If you prefer to send a text message instead of or alongside a card then try one if these quick and snappy Father’s Day messages.

Happy Father’s Day Images

You can use these Father’s Day images to share on Facebook or Twitter and celebrate your love for your dad with the world!

Fathers Day Best Wishes

Fathers Day Messages

Happy Dad's Day

Thanks for Father Message

Happy Father's Day Message

Fathers Day Wish

So Happy your my Dad

Simply the Best Dad

Fathers Day Message

We hope these wording examples helped you tell your dad just how special he is to you and wish him a Happy Father’s Day.