51 Good Luck on your Interview Messages

A job interview is scary for most of us. There’s a lot riding on it and we want to do well. So if you know someone going for a new job you should make the effort to say “good luck on your interview”.

But what can you say to help them feel better about it? You want them to relax a little and feel confident. You’re going to want to say more than just “good luck on your interview”.

Well if you’re having trouble deciding what to say then the good luck messages for an interview below should help you to find the best words of encouragement.

Good Luck on your Interview Messages

1. Wishing you the best of luck for your interview. I know you’re going to do great!

2. All the best for your upcoming job interview. I know you’re nervous but you’ve no need to be – you’re totally qualified and a perfect fit for it. Go get ’em!

3. Sending positive thoughts for your interview. You don’t need luck on your side as you’re amazing but I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed just in case.

4. May you ace your interview and get that new job I know you’ve wanted for so long. Good luck!

5. Good luck to you for that big interview today. I doubt there’s going to be a better candidate than you!

6. We wish you the best of luck with your interview. It’s easy to be anxious about it but remember how skilled you are and the qualities you have.

7. I doubt you need our best wishes or any luck but we are thinking of you and sending so much positivity before your interview.

8. Good luck and all my love for your interview. You will be an asset to any company.

9. Job interviews can be stressful and frightening but with your background, experience and skill it should be a breeze! Good luck!

10. Good luck on your interview! I’m sure you’re going to get it and can’t wait to celebrate with you afterwards.

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What to Say to Someone Before an Interview

11. You have worked unbelievably hard and deserve this opportunity. Have faith and belief and I know you can do it. Good luck.

12. You are the master of your own destiny. Have courage and believe in yourself and you will achieve anything.

13. Visualize yourself getting that job. Hold on to that feeling and it will help with your confidence. Best of luck.

14. Those butterflies you’re feeling – they prove it’s worth it. That you care. And when you nail that interview it will be that much sweeter. Go get it!

15. Give it everything you’ve got and don’t be afraid. Whatever happens you won’t have any regrets and can be happy in the knowledge you tried.

16. You will be in my thoughts on such a big day. I know it means everything to you and I also know you’re day for this. You’ve prepared and are good to go. Just believe and it will happen.

17. Let nothing stand in your way. You are strong, determined and skilled. You deserve this job. Don’t let anyone stop you.

18. I’m going to wish you congratulations now because I’m so confident you’ll get the job! Good luck!

19. It may seem hard and stressful now but in the end it’ll be worth it. Just go for it and you will reap the rewards of all your hard work. Good luck.

20. As you walk through that door try to remember just how talented and skilled you are. Use that confidence and you will impress everyone. Best of luck.

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Good Luck on your Interview Wishes for a Friend

21. I’ve known you for years and you are truly amazing. Good luck my friend and I just know you’re going to smash that interview!

22. Good luck my friend. You are a force to be reckoned with and will do so well on your interview.

23. Good luck to my best friend as you go for that new job. I’m right behind you all the way and am sure you’ll get it.

24. No one as amazing as you needs luck! Just go in there and blow them away with how awesome you are! (I’ll wish you good luck anyway though!)

25. I am feeling good about your interview. You are such a good fit fit it I can’t see what could go wrong. Good luck anyway, even though I’m sure you don’t need it!

26. You’ve got this my friend! Have faith in your abilities and stay calm. That’s half the battle. Do that and you’ll do great.

27. I was going to wish you luck but you’re so talented that you don’t need it. They won’t be be able to turn you down. So get in there and impress them!

28. Best of luck, mate! Drinks are on you tonight seeing as by then you’ll have a new job!

29. I don’t say it much but you’re really talented and deserve so much success. I hope today is just the beginning of a whole new chapter in your life. Best of luck.

30. Sending you my best wishes and keeping my fingers crossed for the big interview. You’ll be amazing, don’t sweat it.

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Good Luck on your Interview Wishes for Husband

31. To my darling husband, I wish you all the luck in the world as you go for this big job.

32. It doesn’t matter what happens with your job interview – whether you get it or not you are still my rock and the most incredible man in the world. Good luck.

33. You’re the best husband a girl could want and I know at your job interview they will see you as I do. Good luck my amazing husband.

34. You have always provided for us and I know you always will. Good luck today with the interview – you’ll be great!

35. Good luck my sweet hubby! Wishing you all the best for your interview.

36. May you achieve your dreams and enjoy the success you so richly deserve. Good luck my wonderful husband.

37. I’ve seen how hard you’ve worked and see how much you have earned this chance. Go grab it, hubbie!

38. Luck doesn’t come into it. You are truly special and are being recognized for it.

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Good Luck on your Interview Messages for Wife

39. You’re truly special and I know you will do great at your interview. Good luck honey.

40. You’ve been the glue that has held our family together. It’s your time now to go out there and put yourself first. I just know you’re going to succeed.

41. I am rooting for you so hard my amazing wife. Wishing you every bit of luck in the world.

42. No one is more deserving of success than you. May today be just the beginning of better days and the start of your dreams. Good luck.

43. All the best today my wife. You will be sensational and impress them like no one else. Good luck.

44. I love you so much and only hope today is the start of you reaching your full potential. Good luck honey, I’m always here for you.

45. When you get back tonight you will have nailed that interview and be celebrating your brand new job!

46. You have accomplished so much and today will be just another step along the way. I am wishing you so much luck you won’t be able to fail!

Good Luck on Your Internal Promotions Interview

47. You’ve give your life to the company and now are reaping the rewards. Grab this opportunity with both hands and don’t let it go.

48. You’ve demonstrated your worth for years. Management can’t fail to see it and I’m sure you’ll be rewarded with a promotion. Best of luck!

49. All the best for your interview today. They know how good you are, you don’t need to impress anyone. Stay cool and you’ll do just fine.

50. You’ve done your prep, you’ve got an amazing record behind you. What more could they want? Good luck, mate!

51. No one has worked harder for this company. You’ve been an amazing asset and are sure to be rewarded for it. Wishing you lots of luck for your interview.

Job interviews are hard and scary. So wishing someone you know good luck for their job interview is a lovely way to show you’re thinking about them on such s big day.

Hopefully these good luck messages and wishes will have helped you to say best of luck in the perfect way.

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