Thank You Notes for Teachers

A good teacher is invaluable. They inspire, educate and look after us or our children. So many famous and successful people can map their success back to a teacher who believed in them. So expressing your gratitude to a teacher who has been important in you or your child’s life is a small way of saying thanks. And thank you notes for teachers need not be long or overly sentimental. Just a quick few lines, or a simple card is enough. It’s the sort of thing we can all manage. So there’s no excuse! Use some of the examples below as inspiration to write your own thank you note, or copy them directly.

From Student to Teachers

Thank you for being an inspiration message

From Parent to Teachers

Thank you for sharing your gift of teaching with us

Thank You Poems for Teachers

  1. Teachers like you
    Have the power to drive away the blues
    Teachers like you
    Have an effect like the perfect morning brew
    Teachers like you
    Would exist on this planet, I never knew
    Teachers like you
    Make the world seem like a place so true
    Teachers like you
    Are one in a million, very few
    Teachers like you
    Deserve a hug and a thank you
  2. As teachers go
    You are the best.
    You shine above
    All the rest.
    So accept my thanks
    For all you do
    I’m very lucky
    As my Teacher is you.
  3. I have been angry at you for giving me bad grades
    Little did I know, you were only correcting the mistakes I made
    Years on, I am forever thankful to you
    For making the tough years of my life, easy to pass through
  4. How can I thank you?
    Let me count the ways.
    Thank you for the 200
    very special days!
  5. Teachers are the best people in the world
    Because they selflessly give
    Teachers are the most creative people in the world
    Because they teach us new ways to live
    Teachers are the most beautiful people in the world
    Because they show us what good character is like
    Teachers are the most patient people in the world
    Since they help us deal with crisis and strife
    Teachers are the most caring people in the world
    People like teachers are few
    Because you are the best teacher in the world
    I want to say thank you
  6. An apple for our teacher
    Would never be enough,
    For teaching us about the world
    And lots of other stuff.

thank you teacher card image

So you’ve got no excuse now. These examples will hopefully have shown you how it’s done. So all that’s left is for you get writing that perfect thank you note for your teacher.

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