40 Romantic Sayings and Touching Love Quotes

Love is one of, if not the most incredible emotion we can experience. It’s a magical thing that can cause the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. But it’s something we all crave and desire. And one of the best ways to express it and capture its true essence is through words. They help us to make sense of love, or to bring it to life. That’s why love quotes and sayings are the perfect way to let someone know how you feel. Even more so if you find it hard to find the right words yourself.

So take a look at at the love quotes and sayings below. You can use them in a card, with a gift or just to say to someone special.

Romantic Sayings

I love our story sure it's messy but it's the story that got us here

Love Quotes

You are the sunshine that makes my saying

Quotes about Love for Her

You still give me butterflies I love you quote

Romantic Sayings for Him

If you’d like something a bit more substantial then try these paragraphs of love for the man in your life.

I Love You always Quote

Couple Quotes

Romantic Quotes

You deserve love and you will get it quote

We hope you will have found some inspiration or just some cuddly warm feelings with these romantic sayings and quotes!

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