82 Touching Death Anniversary Quotes and Messages

The anniversary of someone’s passing is a hard time for all who knew them. Sometimes the pain of loss fades and an anniversary can bring it all back very quickly. Others like to use an anniversary to remember the passing of someone, perhaps visiting their grave and laying flowers. Often it is supportive to send a card on the anniversary of someone’s death to let them know you are also thinking of them.

The most special people in our lives – fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters etc. – leave behind such strong memories that it is impossible to forget them. So commemorate their lives and remember them on the anniversary of their passing.

If you are struggling with what to say in a card for the anniversary of someone’s death, or you want to write a message and celebrate the passing of someone special from your own life, use the quotes and messages below.

Death Anniversary Quotes

These quotes are both an insightful and touching take on death and its impact on people. They can be used in an anniversary card for someone’s passing or on social media like Facebook to let someone know you are thinking of them on what will be a tough day.

One Year Death Anniversary Quotes

An anniversary of a passing is tough at any time but the first year anniversary is one of the toughest. The pain is still raw and the memories at their most vivid. If you are wishing someone well on the anniversary of a death or remembering one of your own these quotes are a good way to try and make sense of it all.

Death Anniversary Messages

These messages are written to let someone know you are thinking of them on the anniversary of the death of a loved one.

Death Anniversary Quotes and Messages

For Father

If you’ve lost a Dad then these messages are perfect for remembering his life and how important he was to you and everyone he knew. Commemorate his passing with one of these touching father death anniversary quotes.

For Mother

Like the loss of a father the loss of a mother is a profound and deeply painful time. Use these messages to remember your mom or comfort others remembering theirs.

For Brother

Brothers and sisters form special bonds that go beyond friendship and so the loss of a brother is a tragedy for those family members affected. These death anniversary quotes for your brother will help you remember and commemorate your sibling and his memory.

For Sister

The anniversary of a sisters passing can be tough, but hopefully you can remember her life and all the times you had together with these sister anniversary quotes.

For Friends

The loss of a good friend can be just as devastating as a family member. If you’ve lost a close friend or know someone who’s anniversary it is these messages can provide support.