Congratulations Messages and Wishes for a New Baby

The arrival of a new baby is a joyous time. No one can fail to be moved by it. The pure happiness it brings to the parents and loved ones around them is unmatched. When he or she arrives, opens her eyes for the first time and that explosion of love fills the family and friends lucky enough to be present. Even after the birth though the arrival continues to bring delight to everyone.
If you’re connected to the new parents in any way, be that family, friends or even just an acquaintance then sending a new baby congratulations card is the perfect way to celebrate the occasion. You can become a part of their incredible moment.

But that level of joy it’s brought can make writing your card all the more intimidating. So if you are struggling with what to write in a new baby card then use this guide, as well as the examples, to find the right words for your new baby wishes.

New Baby Wishes

These are some quick and simple new baby wishes that are ideally suited for a card. If your card already has a pre written sentiment inside then these will work perfectly alongside that. If you want something longer or more expressive then try some of the other wishes further down.

Be mindful of the type of parent or parents you’re sending your message /card to. If it’s a single or teenage mother you’ll want to avoid saying certain things. Also consider if the parents are heterosexual or LGBT as this will shape how you write your wishes.

Congratulations messages and new baby wishes

For a Girl

If the new arrival is a baby girl you may want your message to include something about her. Try some of the touching and caring examples of new baby wishes for a girl below.

For a Boy

A new baby boy is a wonderful blessing and you can use the examples below to celebrate it fittingly.

Congratulations messages and messages new baby wishes

Twins (or more!)

If the arrival is for twins, or triplets, or even more then try these happy wishes and congratulations.


Adopting is a much different process but the outcome is the same – a child to be loved and treasured. That means your congratulations and wishes remain the same too.

Try to keep away from mentioning any references to inherited traits or features e.g. “He’s got his Dads eyes” or “her moms nose”. That would be extremely inappropriate and just factually wrong. With adoption being somewhat more sensitive just keep in mind how your message may be received or misinterpreted


If you know the new parents well and are familiar with their sense of humour then you may find it appropriate to send a funny message. Be warned though, make sure they’re happy to receive something funny first! You don’t wan to offend them during such a happy time.


If you feel it’s appropriate then you can also send a religious message or wishes. Use the blessings of God to congratulate them on this wondrous event.

Whilst you may think sending a message with very overt religious tones is appropriate the recipient may not. If they’re not particularly religious themselves, or atheists, they probably won’t take kindly to it. So consider this when sending your wishes and be confident they’ll be warmly received first.

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