Friendship Anniversary Quotes and Wishes

Friends are the some of the most important people in our lives. They help us when we’re struggling, offer support and a shoulder to cry on, make us laugh when we need to most and are just generally amazing people. And the longer a friendship lasts the stronger that bond grows. Outside of our immediate family it’s the friends we’ve had for decades that make up the truly special people and ones we see as closest to us. But sometimes we take those friends and friendship for granted. We just assume it or they will always be there. That’s why a good way to rekindle or maintain a long term friendship is by celebrating a friendship anniversary.

If you’ve known a friend for a significant period – 1, 10, 20 or more years – then celebrating the anniversary of your friendship is a lovely thing to do. Showing appreciation to an important friend and acknowledging the impact they’ve had on your life will be hugely appreciated by them. You can also use them for friendship day, maybe in a card or to say in person.

So use the friendship anniversary quotes and wishes below to write a touching, heartfelt or funny message to your friend as you celebrate a big milestone in your friendship.

Friendship anniversary message

Friendship Anniversary Wishes

Use these friendship wishes and messages to let a friend know just how special they are to you and that on your anniversary you’re thinking of them.

You're a great friend anniversary message

Funny Friendship Anniversary Quotes

Make your friend laugh with one of these funny friendship quotes. The perfect accompaniment to your anniversary card.

Friendship Anniversary Quotes

These friendship quotes perfectly sum up friendship and how it works.
You can use them in your anniversary card, share them on Facebook or just say to the friends anniversary you’re celebrating.

Friendship Anniversary Status for WhatsApp

Make it clear you’re celebrating a friends anniversary by updating your WhatsApp status with one of these examples.

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