Funny Wedding Quotes and Sayings: Perfect for Cards, Invitations and Speeches

If you’ve got a wedding to attend or if you’re the best man for one then you will be aware of the little bit of pressure on you. It may be that you’ve got to send or give a lovely wedding card to the happy couple, or if you’re the best man then the pressure is even greater as you will be giving a speech. In fact if you’re the couple getting married then you may also be giving a speech. Knowing what to say in these situations isn’t easy though. A good choice if you’re struggling is to make people laugh. Everyone then relaxes and the pressure eases on you a bit. But being and saying something funny is a lot harder than it might sound.

One great way to add some humour to a wedding is by using a funny wedding quote or saying. You can avoid some of the more mushy and soppy quotes and speeches and go straight in with something witty or even self depreciating.

So try one of the many wedding and marriage quotes below and use them to spice up your wedding card or speech.

Be absolutely certain that the couple you are sending your card to or delivering a speech for are the types who will appreciate something a little off the wall and funny. You have the real possibility of offending if not so be 100% sure before going ahead. And if any doubt, play it safe and don’t!

Funny Wedding Quotes

These funny wedding quotes are a hilarious take on the madness that is a wedding and relationships. You can use them in a wedding card for the couple or a speech if you’re the best man.

Mickey Rooney Funny Wedding Quote

Funny Marriage Quotes

Much like the funny wedding quotes above these are a hilarious look at marriage and all the pitfalls and oddities involved. They are also a great fit for a best man speech or wedding congratulations card.

My wife and I were happily married for twenty years then we met Rodney Dangerfield quote

Groucho Marx Funny Wedding saying

Funny Wedding Quotes and Sayings

Raymond hull Funny Marriage Quote

Funny Marriage Sayings

These funny and witty marriage sayings are similar to the marriage quotes but are shorter and a clever take on the truths of married life.

Cngrats on signing your life away

We hope some of these funny wedding quotes will have tickled your fancy and make it into your speech or wedding card!