77 Beach Puns, Quotes and Sayings Perfect for Instagram

Ahh, the beach. Who doesn’t love spending some at the sea side? Whether you’re going surfing, swimming, topping up your tan or just relaxing with the family the beach is the perfect place to be. And what better way to celebrate all things sun and sand than with some hilarious beach puns.

A cracking pun about the ocean, sea, shells, sand or more is ideal for your Instagram captions from a day at the beach or a beach themed party invitation. Or maybe you just want to impress your friends with your funny beach puns. Whichever it is these puns and quotes are a great way to enjoy the beach and all it has to offer.

Beach Puns

We’re shore these beach puns will tide you over and help you have a whale of a time. In fact we’ve put together so many you better be careful not to drown in them all!

Beach pun keep palm and carry on

Beach Instagram Captions

Looking for a funny caption for your beach photos? Use some of these puns and sayings as your Instagram captions and sit back and watch the likes roll in.

Beach quote

Beach Quotes and Sayings

The beach has inspired artists, musicians and more which has lead to some profound and moving insights about it. Try these inspirational beach quotes and sayings to really understand what the beach means to people.

Beach shore pun

Beach One Liners

Sandy Puns

Sea Puns

Beach puns for Instagram Pinterest small

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