Thank You Notes for Birthday Gifts and Cards

Receiving a gift or card on your birthday is always special. The time and effort that went into choosing, wrapping and possibly even posting it to you shows how much that person cares. And even if it isn’t exactly what you wanted it’s still touching to see the thought that’s gone into it. So thanking them is a nice gesture to let them know you appreciate their generosity. It doesn’t have to be anything particularly amazing, just a few words in a card or note is more than enough.

So we’ve put together a range of examples that are the perfect messages to write in a card or note thanking someone for the gift they’ve given you. Or you can decide to write your own. If so then there are a few guidelines you can follow that are both simple and easy and will make writing your own message a lot less painful. Take a look below or jump further down to the example messages.

What to Say

If you’re writing your own note then there are a few things to mention when saying thanks for a gift.

  1. Open your note with a simple greeting. “Dear _____” is the most common and works perfectly well.
  2. Let them know why you liked the gift so much. Go into detail, talk about what was so good about it and what it means to you.
  3. Following on from that you can talk or mention the feelings you had from receiving the gift. As before you can say what it means to you, why it’s special, how touching it was. Focus more on feelings here rather than the gift itself.
  4. You should then thank them for the gesture. Talk about how nice it was to receive, how generous they are etc.
  5. Finish with another thanks, maybe something a little more personal or tailored specifically to them. Then sign your name with something like “Love ____” or “Many thanks _____”.

You don’t have to include all the parts listed above but that should give you an idea of the way to write your own. It can be shorter if you prefer as that’s very acceptable and common as well. If you want some examples you can use directly and copy, or change before using in your card then see below.

Thank You Note Examples

Dear _____,

Thank you so much for the lovely gift. You knew how much I loved perfume and it was perfect for me. Just the right fragrance. I was so touched by you remembering and taking the time to find it. You’re always so generous, and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated it.


Dear _____,

I can’t thank you enough for the brilliant new luggage. I’ve got that vacation coming up so it’ll be getting a lot of use! Thank you for the thought, and for such generosity. You’re a great friend.


Dear _____,

Thank you for the lovely card and gift. I had an amazing birthday! I can’t believe you got me a new phone though! I know I’d been going on about needing a new one but I didn’t expect you to actually get me one! I sometimes think I don’t deserve you as a friend. But thank you, it was such a great gift.


Dear _____,

I can’t thank you enough for my wonderful gift. The hiking boots are great and you knew my size! I can’t wait to start using them. Thanks again for being so generous – I hope I get to return the favour soon!


Thank You Messages

These short and simple messages are perfect to go in a bought card. You can use them as they are or edit them to suit your situation.

Thank you notes for gifts and cards


You can choose to use a quote in your note. Often a quote can really express what you’re feeling in better words than you could.

Funny Messages

You can always use humour to thank someone for their generosity. A birthday is meant to be a happy, fun celebration so making the gift giver smile is very fitting. Use one the funny thank you messages below:

Hopefully our selection of thank you notes for birthday gifts you received will have given you the ideal wording to write your own thank you’s and show your gratitude.