27 Thank you for your Patience Note Examples

If someone has been patient you may be thinking about thanking them. Or you may want to say thank you for your patience before doing something as a way of asking for their understanding.

Patience is an admirable quality and when you are on the receiving end of it then you appreciate it even more. So it’s understandable to want to say “thank you for your patience”.

But if you’re not sure what to say or how to do so then these example thank you notes for patience should help.

So use the notes, messages and email examples below to let someone know how much you appreciate their patience and express your gratitude.

Thank you for your Patience Note Examples

The following thank you notes are for saying thanks to people who have been patient with you. Be that a personal reason or at work these notes are a great way to show them how much you appreciate the patience they have shown you.


Dear ______,

Thank you for your patience with me recently. I’ve been struggling with a lot in my life and it’s affected my attitude towards the people who matter most to me. You’ve tolerated my poor behaviour so much more than I could have hoped for and I really appreciate it.

With love,

Dear ______,

I’m very sorry I was so late to lunch. Thank you for waiting for me and being so patient. I feel terrible about making you wait and will do all I can to be more aware of the time from now on.


Dear ______,

You’re amazing patience is such an inspiration to me. Thank you for always having time for everyone and being so tolerant. I aspire to be just like you.

Dear ______,

Thank you for having such patience as we work to resolve our problems. It would be easy to let how long this is taking make us angry. Your restraint is very appreciated.

Dear ______,

Please accept my thanks for being so patient with me whilst I make up my mind. You’ve been so helpful when I’ve needed advice and offered your thoughts without judgement. I promise I will make my decision soon.

All the best,

Your understanding as I face some real personal struggles is greatly appreciated. You’ve been an amazing friend and always shown me patience. I guarantee you I will be through this soon.

Thank you,

personal thank you for your patience note

Whilst Learning

If you’re learning a new skill or being taught by someone you might be struggling. Thank them for being patient with you and for their support with these notes.

Dear _____,

Thank you so much for how patient you’re being as I get to grips with this new skill. It’s taking me longer than I would have liked and you’re continued support and patience is really helping.

Thanks again,

I’ve found the training really difficult which is why I’ve been asking so many questions. I’m so glad I’ve had you to help me through my struggles and really appreciate your kindness and patience.

Thank you,

You are a wonderful teacher and have inspired me no end. I know I’m not the fastest learner but you’ve shown patience when I’ve needed it and it’s made a huge difference in how I’ve found the training. Thank you so much.

I was so relieved that I had you to teach me [new skill]. Your patience and openness to my silly questions have definitely helped me to learn faster than I usually would. Thank you for putting me first and being so calm.

I got lucky when you became my mentor! You never let me down and are the most patient person I’ve ever met. It’s down to you that I’m doing so well and making such great strides. Thank you for being calm, reasonable and above all else so patient with me.

Spending the time to show me [skill] will not only benefit me and give me greater freedom but it means I’ll stop relying on you so much! You’ve been very patient with me and I am really grateful. Thank you.

work thank you for being patient note

Thank You Messages for Patience

These short messages are ideal for a quick thank you to friends, family and more when you need to show your gratitude for their patience.

  • Thank you for tolerating me and being so patient. I really appreciate it!
  • The way you’re so understanding and patient makes you a true friend. I will always treasure you.
  • You always consider my feelings and make sure your patient when dealing with me. I know I can be hard so I wanted to say thank you for your kindness.
  • Thank you for being so patient with me and being such a great friend. I cherish you.
  • I know I’m a lot to endure but you’ve been so patient with me and I’ll always be grateful. Thank you.
  • With many thanks for your constant patience. I appreciate your support.
  • I value your patience and understanding as I deal with some issues. Your attitude makes it easier to get through these difficulties.
  • Thank you for taking a chance on me and having the patience to allow me to flourish. I am very grateful.
  • Thank you for your patience whilst I work to get back to you. Your understanding will help us to find a solution even quicker.
  • Sending you my thanks and appreciation for how much patience you have demonstrated. It has made things so much easier for me and I’m truly grateful.

thank you letter for patience

Letter Template for Saying Thank you for your Patience

These templates should give you an outline for a letter you can send to say thank you for your patience.

Dear ______,

We wanted to thank you for your patience as we [reason for delay/taking time]. Due to unfurled circumstances of [list circumstances] we have been forced to take longer than we had anticipated.

We appreciate your continued patience and hope this delay hasn’t caused you too much inconvenience.



Thank You for Your Patience Love Letter

Dear _____,

You have waited so patiently for me and I don’t deserve your love. I feel like I have been so indecisive by making you wait for my decision but I just needed time to think.

[write how you feel about whoever it is].


Thank you for your Patience Email Examples

Dear _____,

I’m just reaching out to thank you for being so patient with me. I know I’ve been difficult recently and I won’t go into why now but it’s no excuse. You have put up with it far more than you should have and I wanted to say thanks for being so understanding.

I promise you I will be doing all I can to improve my behaviour and make it up to you.

With love,

To a Customer

Dear customers,

Thank you for your understanding and patience whilst we do renovations. Whilst this will be disruptive for many of you we hope you can see that it will eventually lead to [benefits of the renovations and improvements].

In the time that construction is underway please follow [special instructions].

We do not anticipate this lasting any longer than [time].

Thank you again for your patience and if you have any questions please contact us at [contact details].


[name], [business]

To a Client

Dear _____,

I hope this email finds you well. I am very sorry for the delay in dealing with your refund. Our system crashed a few days ago and we have been working hard to fix the problem. We understand this must be very frustrating and we are doing all we can to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience.


We hope these thank you for your patience notes and emails will have helped you to express your gratitude to those who have been patient with you. It is a real gift to be so tolerant and understanding so the least you can do is say thanks.

thank you for your patience notes

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