Thank You for Your Prayers: What to Say (with Examples)

If someone is kind enough to pray for you or send their prayers then you probably want to offer your thanks. Saying ‘thank you for your prayers’ is a way of acknowledging those who were thinking of you and hoping for a positive outcome.

You may have gone through some difficult times – ill health, surgery, a death – and friends are praying for you. Or maybe you’re facing a big moment in your life like the results of exams or a job interview.

Whatever it is if you know someone has prayed for you then offer them your thanks when one of these messages and thank you notes.

Ways to Say Thank You for Your Prayers

  • Thank you so much for your prayers. I have been having a hard time and knowing you have been thinking of and praying to help me get through is incredibly touching.
  • To have you praying for me as I’m struggling means the world to me. From the bottom of my heart – thank you.
  • Thank you for your kindness and prayers. Having friends who are there for you is such a wonderful thing. It brought me real comfort when I was feeling down.
  • I am blessed to have people like you praying for me and offering me hope. You are always there for me no matter what and I can’t say how much I appreciate your support and love.
  • Having God in my life for the difficult moments is so important to me. As is the support of loved ones and your prayers really helped me to see things differently. Thank you for providing me hope.
  • The prayers of loved ones like you have helped me to get through these hard days. I am always grateful for your gorgeous and kind support.
  • It is a special feeling when you are aware of people praying for you. It gives you strength when you didn’t think you had it and comforts you in those trying moments. I can’t thank each of you enough.
  • When at my lowest you prayed for my soul and gave me a light in the darkness. I can’t express the gratitude I feel for your support. Thank you.
  • Thank you for all the prayers and outpouring of love I have received. It means the world to me and I am deeply touched.
  • A big thank you for praying for me recently. I needed the love of friends and family and you came through in every way.

thank you for praying for me

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Short Thank You for Prayers

These are a few very short messages to say thanks for prayers. They could be sent in a text message or quick note.

  • Thank you for thinking of and praying for me.
  • It was touching to know I was in your prayers. Thank you.
  • I am blessed to have the support of people like you.
  • I felt your prayers and appreciated them so much.
  • During such a difficult time your prayers made a real difference.
  • It has been hard recently but knowing I was in your prayers gave me a real boost.
  • The love and prayers of those closet to me have been such a help.
  • Your prayers have given me hope when I needed it most.
  • To know there are people praying for you is something very special. Thank you all.
  • Thank you for such loving prayers and wishes.

thank you for your prayers message

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Thank You for Your Prayers for Sickness

If you or someone close to you has been sick then thank those who have prayed for them to get better with these messages.

  • Thank you for your get well prayers as I faced surgery. It has been a frightening time but I’m pleased to say I’m getting better and will be back as good as new very soon. Your prayers were greatly welcome during this difficult time.
  • Thank you for praying for my dad while he is in hospital. I know he would send his thanks as well and we remain hopeful he will be coming home soon.
  • In times of ill health prayer can really help and I’ve been touched by the support I have received. It brings me hope and gives me strength to fight so I thank you all and encourage you to keep on praying for me.
  • I am delighted to say that I’m recovering well and feeling better. I know that your prayers really helped and I will be forever grateful that you thought of me.
  • It has been very tough to deal with a sickness in the family but the prayers of friends have been a real help. We are getting by as best we can and feel grateful for any support we receive.
  • Your prayers have helped my mom to fight through her illness. She was moved by the amount of people who were thinking of her and I’m sure it gave her that little bit of extra strength. Thank you to everyone.
  • It has been a battle but with the support and prayers of people like you I am through the worst of it. Thank you for thinking of me.
  • Thank you for your well wishes and hopeful prayers. The surgery went well and God willing I will be up and about very soon.

short thank you for your prayers message

Thank You for Your Condolences and Prayers

When you’ve suffered a loss you may have had people sending their condolences and praying for you. Say thank you if that’s the case with these messages.

  • Thank you for sending your condolences and prayers. We appreciate the lovely messages you sent and knowing you were thinking of us as we grieved.
  • You reached out with prayers and help when I was dealing with a loss and it was hugely appreciated. Thank you for your kindness.
  • It was very touching to receive your sympathy card and to let me know you are praying for me. Friends matter more than ever when you are facing a bereavement and so I am very grateful to have you.
  • When you lose a loved one you need the love of those closest to you. Your support and prayers were there to help me through the grief and it meant so much to me. Thank you for always being there.
  • Your prayers were a lifeline as a grieved my moms passing. Thank you for taking the time to think of and pray for me and my mother.
  • Losing my father was so painful but you were there with prayers and love. I will be eternally grateful that during my darkest days you gave me strength through prayer and hope with your warmth and kindness.
  • Prayers provided me some comfort during the grief of losing a loved one. I wanted to extend my thanks to you and everyone who prayed as it was a very moving gesture.
  • You were with me throughout the worst times and helped me get through the pain of losing someone. We prayed together and it really helped me to find some peace. I am very grateful, thank you so much.

Thank You for Good Luck Prayers

Sometimes people pray for your good luck when you are facing a big event. Express your gratitude with these quick notes.

  • Thank you for praying for a good result on my exams. I owe you because I passed!
  • I needed all the help I could get with my job interview so thank you for your positive prayers. Fingers crossed now.
  • Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers as I ventured into new territory and risked it all for my dreams.
  • As I try out for this new position I appreciate you praying for me and wishing me the best of luck.
  • Thank you for wishing me good luck and sending me prayers for good fortune as I start my new business. It’s an exciting time and I’m lucky to have people rooting for me.

We hope these thank you for your prayers messages have allowed you to reach out to those who offered their prayers and show your appreciation for their thoughts sad kindness.

thank you for your prayers

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