Welcome Back to Work Messages & Wishes

When someone has been missing from their job it’s always nice to say ‘welcome back to work’ when they return. You want to show them that they’ve been missed and give them a big return to work.

Knowing what to say isn’t always easy though. Finding the best way to express how pleased you are they’re returning to work can be tricky.

So if you’re unsure of how to welcome a colleague back to work then the following example messages should be perfect for a card, cake or what you say in person.

Welcome Back to Work Messages

These are general messages and wishes for any situation when a colleague has returned to work and you want to welcome them back.

  • Welcome back! We really missed you and are delighted you’re back.
  • So pleased to see you back at work! Hope you get settled in again quickly.
  • Really happy you’ve returned to work. It hasn’t been the same without you around the office.
  • We are so thrilled that you’re back. It’s going to be wonderful working with you again.
  • You obviously missed us so much you just had to come back! Jokes aside its great you’re returning and I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.
  • Congratulations on returning to work and you can be sure everyone is really happy to welcome you back after so long away.
  • If you need any help as you return to work then don’t hesitate to ask. I’m always here. Welcome back!
  • I’m so excited to welcome you back to work with us! It’s going to great to work alongside you again.
  • So glad to see you come back to work. You were always one of my favorite colleagues and it will be a pleasure to work with you once more.
  • Welcome back to a trusted coworker but also great friend. We have missed not only your talent and work ethic but your friendly nature around the office.

welcome back to work message

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Welcome Back to Work After Being Sick

If a coworker has been off work due to illness then them returning will be cause for celebration. Welcome them back and say how pleased you are they’re feeling well again with these messages.

  • I’m so happy you are feeling well enough to return to work. Take it easy and don’t push yourself too hard. We’ll all be here to help if you need it.
  • It’s fantastic that you have recovered and are back at work. I’m really pleased to see you but even more so that you are feeling well again.
  • Welcome back after your time off being sick. Don’t feel like you need to get right back to working like you were before – ease yourself back in and listen to your body. We are happy to give you all the time you need.
  • Welcome back! It’s so great to see you healthy once more and ready to get stuck back into your work.
  • Wishing you a happy return to work after your ill health. Let me know if I can help make the return easier for you.
  • Its really good news that your sickness wasn’t too bad and I’m delighted to welcome you back to work.
  • Very happy to learn you have recovered and that I get to welcome you back to the madhouse!
  • Welcome back! It’s such good news you’re feeling better and well enough to resume work.

we missed you and are happy you are returning to work

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Welcome Back After Maternity Leave

New parents need time off to recover and look after their newborn. But when they return to work you can congratulate and welcome them back with one of the messages below.

  • Congratulations on your new baby and welcome back to work. I hope you haven’t had too many sleepless nights!
  • Welcome back after your maternity leave. I can imagine 8 hours of work a day is a lot less stressful than looking after a newborn!
  • Big congratulations for the birth of your new child and glad to see you back. You’re a regular super mom!
  • Wishing you a very welcome back to work. We are all really happy to see you again and delighted your new baby is doing so well.
  • It was wonderful news to hear that your pregnancy went well and now I get to see you back at work again. Welcome back!
  • Congrats and welcome back. You’ve returned to work so quickly, I’m really impressed!
  • I can’t wait to see the new baby!! Oh, and I’m happy to see you too..
  • We really missed you but are so happy that your pregnancy went well. Congratulations and great to see you again.

welcome back we missed you

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Welcome Back to After a Vacation

If s colleague has been lucky enough to take a vacation then let them know you’re pleased they’re back with these welcome back wishes.

  • Welcome back! Hope you enjoyed a lovely vacation and are feeling refreshed and ready for work again.
  • I’m pretty jealous of you having such a great vacation but I’m glad to see you back with us again.
  • Welcome back you freeloader! Only kiddin’, glad to have you back – it’s been boring without having you around.
  • You should be ready to get back into the thick of it after such a relaxing vacation. Pleased to have you with us again!
  • I hope you had a brilliant vacation. Welcome back to work though! It’s back to the day to day grind again.
  • It must be tough coming back to work after an awesome vacation but we’re all happy to see you!
  • We all need some time off and so I’m really pleased you enjoyed such a great vacation. But I’m very happy to welcome you back – you were really missed!
  • Welcome back to work after your vacation! I hope you had a lovely time and got to unwind from the stresses of the job.

looking forward to working with you again

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Welcome Back to Work Boss

Sometimes it’s your boss who has been gone from work. Welcome them back and tell them how much you appreciate having them as your boss.

  • We are all really happy to have you back in charge again. Welcome back to your rightful place.
  • We have been struggling without you to guide us. Welcome back, boss.
  • The entire team is over the moon to have our old boss in the divers seat once more. Welcome back – you have our full support.
  • Welcome back to my favorite manager. We’ve been coping while you’ve been away but will flourish again now you’re back.
  • Everyone couldn’t be more delighted to have our old boss return. You are more than welcome back!
  • Congratulations on your triumphant return, boss! We are so happy to have you back.
  • Welcome back into the fold. You have always been a fantastic leader and I’m sure you’ll be no different on your return.
  • I’ve missed you, boss! You were always so helpful and good to me I’m really happy to welcome you back.

best wishes on returning to work message

Welcome Back Employee Messages

If you’re in charge and an employee returns to working for you then you can welcome them back with these greetings.

  • We are very happy to have you back at our organization. We hope you will be very happy with us.
  • You are such an asset to this company, we are really pleased you have decided to rejoin us. Welcome back.
  • We are delighted you are coming back to work with us and welcome you with open arms.
  • You were a great employee the first time around and we are sure you will be again. So it’s with pleasure we welcome you back into our company.
  • You’ve returned home and we couldn’t be more pleased. It was such a shame to lose you so it feels right you have rejoined us. Welcome back.
  • Happy to have you back as part of the team. You’re a real asset to us.
  • We welcome you back to your natural home with us and look forward to you settling back in.
  • Very glad you have chosen to return to us. Welcome back.

Funny Welcome Back to Work Messages

Make someone smile as they return to work with the following funny messages.

  • Welcome back! I’m sure you’ve missed the long hours, the low pay and generally being treated like a nobody! Nothing beats work, eh?
  • No pressure but you’re going to be doing twice as much work now. There’s nothing like a warm welcome back!
  • You could be on the beach somewhere with a cocktail in your hand.. instead you’re here. How’s that for a ‘welcome back!’
  • Welcome back to the boring routine and being ignored for every promotion that comes up. I’m sure you’ve missed it!
  • Welcome back. I hope in your time away on vacation you’ve learnt how to become the perfect employee!

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We hope these welcome back to work messages have helped you to wish a coworker a welcome return after they’ve been away. Make sure to show them how much you’ve missed them or are glad to see them back!

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