21 Wine Tasting Invitation Wording Examples

Having a wine tasting party or event is a great way to introduce friends and family to new wines whilst enjoying a fun get together.

Or you might be thinking of inviting a few few friends over to share a couple of bottles. Something a bit more relaxed and informal.

Whichever it is you’re going to want to send out some invitations for your wine tasting party.

But finding the right words for your invitations isn’t easy. You want to really sell your party, make it sound as fun as you can (this ensuring your get lots of guests), but also include all the necessary information – time, date, location etc.

So if you’re struggling then try these invitation wording examples for a wine tasty party

Wine Tasting Invitation Examples

You are cordially invited to an evening of wine and cheese
At [location] on [date], [time]
No dress code

We are celebrating a vintage year!
So please join us for wine tasting and nibbles.
[location], on [date]
It’ll be a wonderful evening and we’d love for you to be there

Join us as we toast [name] with a fabulous wine tasting event
We want all our friends there as we drink and enjoy the good times
[date], [time]

Please join [company name] for a wine tasting event.
You will get to sample some of the finest wines from [wine name] with a selection of vintage cheeses from [cheesemonger]
Smart dress only
[location], [date] at [time]

You are invited to [names] annual wine tasting extravaganza!
Drinks, food and entertainment for the whole evening
You won’t want to miss it!

wine tasting party invitation wording example

Please join us on [location] terrace for an evening of cheese and wine tasting.
We will savor the delicate and quality flavors of some of the best food and drink
Smart clothing only
[date], [time]

We’re kicking off summer with a dinner and wine tasting evening!
Please keep your diary free for [date] as we would love you to be there
At [location], [time]

We are celebrating! It’s [names] 40th birthday
So please join us for a wine tasting celebration
On [date], at [location] from [time]

[name] and [name] are celebrating their 30th anniversary!
You are invited to an evening of wine and good times
At [location], on [date], from [time]

We are celebrating 30 amazing years of marriage!
So come party with us!
There will be good food, good friends and great wine!

Join us for [names] Bridal Shower
We’re keeping it classy so it’s wine tasting and good food
At [location] at on [date]

We are roasting the happy couple
That’s wine tasting at [location]
We’d be delighted if you could join us
[date], [time]

Our annual wine tasting party is upon us again
Who’s for wine and cheese?
Join us at [location] for a fantastic night
[date] from [time]

Let’s celebrate [names] birthday!
Like a five wine she gets better with age
So on [date] we’ll get together and enjoy some wine tasting in her honor
[location], [time]

We are going to drink and be Merry!
It’s time for some wine tasting
Join us at [location] for a sophisticated night of top wine and food
On [date], from [time].
Don’t be late!

printable wine tasting party invitation example

Please join us for [names] rehearsal dinner with wine tasting
We will celebrate [names] happiness
At [location]
[date], from [time]

Wine is to be enjoyed, so come enjoy it with us
At our wine tasting party
[date], at [location]
We are looking forward to seeing you

Good wine, good music and all our friends
What better way to spend a night
So join us for a taste of wine
On [date], at [location]

How to Write a Wine Tasting Party Invitation

If you would prefer to write your own name invitation then you can follow these few simple steps

  • Start with a catchy or attention grabbing line. You want your party invitation to stand out, as well as enticing as many guests as you can. So an opening line that stands out is ideal
  • Include all the necessary details. That’s the location, date and time. You can also list your email or fax if they need to ask any questions before the party
  • If there is a dress code or you would like your guests to bring something you should include that next. Some people request guests bring food or drink, for example
  • Some invitations mention whether their will be food served. This is sensible as you don’t want guests turning up expecting their to be something served and ending up hungry
  • Finally include an RSVP so guests can let you know they’re attending

Hopefully you’re now well on your way to getting your invitations perfect for a wine tasting party. Just don’t drink too much!

wine tasting invitation wording examples

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