27 of the Best Words to Describe Dads

Your dad is pretty amazing, right? He’s the man who there for when you need him most, the rock for your family, the one who protects you.

He’s just pretty awesome.

So it’s nice to let him and others know what a great guy he is. But what are the best words to describe dads?

You want something that expresses how you truly feel about your dad and what makes him special. The sort of words that really get to the heart of what dads do and the types of people they are.

So use this list of words to describe your dad to help you properly talk about your dad in the best way possible.

Words to Describe Dads

1. Kind

It may seem a bit bland but having a kind dad is something to be happy about. Some dads can be distant, hard and unloving.

If your dad is caring, understanding and fair that’s great! And you could easily sum him up as kind then.

So use that word to describe your dad and be glad you’ve got a really good natured father.

Example of describing your dad with the word “kind”: “My dad is the kindest man I know. No one is as thoughtful as him.”

2. Protective

One thing we rely on from our dads is protection. He is seen as the one who keeps the family safe from threats or danger.

Whilst it may sound like a bad thing, and being overprotective can be, regular protection from your dad is something that you can treasure. It demonstrates just how much he cares and loves you that he wants to ensure you’re never harmed.

How to describe your dad when using the word “protective”: “You’ve always been there to keep me safe and make sure I never found myself in harms way. I appreciate how protective you are of me and the whole family and how much we mean to you.”

3. Strong

Many sons and daughters look up to their dad and see him as strong. And strength takes on many forms, not just physical.

If your dad has always been your rock, stood up from the right things and exuded a sense of strength then it’s almost certainly a fitting way to describe him.

Example: “I’m constantly amazed by what my dad can do. He is such a strong person.”

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4. Gentle

Whilst your father may be strong and powerful that doesn’t mean he can’t be and isn’t also gentle. Knowing when to be softer and show that side of yourself is just as essential as strength.

If your dad is loving and compassionate then he may well have a very gentle side to him.

How to use it: “Sometimes my dad can stop me in my tracks with how understanding he is. He’s a lot more gentle than I’ve given him credit for.”

gentle words to describe dads

5. Caring

Bring a caring father means devoting time and attention to you. Your dad will always make the effort to be there for and interested in everything you do.

Having a caring dad is great and what we all want. So if you can definitely describe your father that way.

How to use the word “caring” to describe a dad: “You are always there for me no matter what. Whether I’m struggling and feeling down or need some advice and help I know I’ve got a caring dad.”

6. Patient

Patience is a really important quality to have. Being the sort of person that doesn’t rush, lets people do things at their own pace and is tolerant of that.

It’s even more important to have as a parent. You want your dad to be patient with you as you grow and make mistakes. Having a dad that shows composure and understanding is

Example of use: “I’m lucky that my dad is patient as I’m always messing him around!”

7. Inspirational

Do you look up to your parents? Do you want to emulate them and feel they’ve been a good role model to you? Then they’re probably inspiring.

Your dad may be an inspiration to you in the way he acts, his actions and the example he sets.

Example: “The way my dad has excelled in his career and provided for our family is amazing. He’s such an inspiration.”

caring words to describe dad

8. Funny

You may find your dad embarrassing (more on that later!) but admit it – he can be pretty funny too! Even his dad jokes can sometimes raise a smile.

Dads are often jokers and at the least attempt to be funny. So if your dad is the humorous type then you can definitely describe him as funny.

How you can use it: “My dad is always telling jokes. I won’t admit it to his face but he’s really funny!”

9. Responsible

Responsibility is a big part of parenting and being a dad. Taking responsibility for their actions and acting like an adult who puts others, namely their family, first is key.

If you always feel like you can rely on your dad and that he steps up to the mark then describing him as responsible may be just right.

Sample of what to say: “No one is as trustworthy as my dad. He takes things very seriously and is always responsible.”

10. Brave

Bravery comes in different shapes and sizes. Bravery can be taking on bullies, standing up for yourself or doing what’s right. It can also be staying true to yourself.

You may have looked at your dad and things he has done and thought how brave his. If so then you should use bravery as a word to describe your dad.

A good example: “When I see the life my dad has had and what he’s overcome I remember how brave he really is.”

11. Wise

With experience and age often comes wisdom. And when we’re looking for advice we usually turn to our parents.

Your dad may have always been the one there to offer you his wisdom and insight. If so then you probably think of him as wise and could absolutely use that as a good way to describe him.

Example: “Whenever I have a problem I always turn to my dad. He’s so wise.”

12. Provider

When you’re growing up you rely on your mom and dad to provide for you. They are the ones that

And that may continue. Your dad may be the one who always provides for his family. Especially when you consider that providing may mean more than financially.

What you could say: “I can’t thank my dad enough for giving me so much throughout my childhood and through to being adult. He’s always been an incredible provider for us.”

touching words to describe your dad

13. Decisive

You should never be inflexible but knowing your own mind and being strong willed is also important. Having the courage to make a decision when one is needed.

Your father may sound like that. He may be decisive and able to act when it’s necessary. If so then describing him that way would be apt.

Here’s how to use it: “I know when we’ve faced difficult moments it was my dad who would take charge and be decisive.”

14. Knowledgeable

Some people are just smart. Dads may act a bit goofy but can be some of the most intelligent people you know.

If your dad is usually the smartest guy in the room then describing him as knowledgable is fair.

Example: “I still can’t believe how smart my dad is. He’s so knowledgable.”

15. Unique

There’s no one like your dad, right? He’s a one of a kind and special to you.

Well that makes him pretty unique, wouldn’t you say? He’s a one and only, funny, quirky and amazing guy! All the things that make him unique.

Words to use: “I guess we all think the same about our dads but I truly believe mine is unique and special.”

16. Considerate

Being attentive and thoughtful are wonderful traits. Having a dad who embodies them and is considerate of both your own and others feelings is great.

So if your dad is always thinking of others and considering their feelings then describing him as considerate is accurate.

Saying it in a sentence: “My dad seems to understand me and how I feel. He’s so considerate and treats me with respect.”

17. Motivating

Quite often your biggest fan is your dad. He’s the one that wants to see you succeed and do well.

That might mean he does all he can to motivate you. This can be especially helpful when you’re doubting yourself or not feeling confident. Having your dad in your corner providing motivation is awesome.

Using it in a sentence: “Whenever I begin to doubt myself my dad can always pick me up. No one can motivate me like he does.”

quote to describe dad

18. Humble

Arrogance is one the least appealing qualities in people. We are draw to people who are humble and respectful.

Your father is probably like that – modest and not one to talk himself up (even though he’s actually pretty awesome).

So humble is a great way to describe a dad who isn’t overbearing or full of himself.

Example sentence: “Even after all my dads accomplished he’s still so humble.”

19. Dependable

Dependable sounds like a boring way to describe someone but what could be better than knowing you can depend on somebody? That when times are hard there’s always someone there who has got your back and will be there for you.

And that’s what dads are like. They are reliable and trustworthy. Just what you need from a father.

Example words to use: “It feels great knowing I can rely on my dad. He’s the most dependable person I know.”

20. Charming

Charm is something few have and can’t really be taught. It is difficult to define and more about how you make others feel.

If your dad has a certain way with people and seems to always be able to make friends the you could think of him as charming. It may well be the best way to describe your dad.

Example: “Everyone loves my dad. He just has this natural charm.”

Funny Words to Describe Dad

21. Stubborn

If there’s one thing most dads are it’s stubborn! They don’t want to back down or admit they’re wrong.

You’ve probably clashed with your dad at times when he’s been stubborn. Maybe you’ve even inherited some stubbornness from him.

Either way it’s a good description for dads.

An example use: “I love my dad but he’s the most stubborn person I’ve ever come across! He refuses to ever admit he’s wrong.”

22. Lame

Most parents are lame. But dads are quite often the worst.

Can you remember your dad doing something really stupid? Or just doing what dads do best – telling terrible jokes, getting things wrong etc. You can think of him as very uncool!

How to say it: “My dad is constantly telling rubbish dad jokes. He’s so lame and uncool.”

23. Embarrassing

A bit like being lame – dads are usually embarrassing. And they usually embarrass you very publicly.

If your dad has a habit of humiliating you then you can definitely describe him as embarrassing!

Example: “Wherever we go and whatever we do, one tuning is guaranteed – my dad will embarrass me.”

24. Cringe

This again refers to the things your dad does. He no doubt has made you cringe from time to time because of the embarrassing things he’s done.

Using it in a sentence: “Everything my dad does is mortifying. He’s so cringey.”

25. Old Man

“Old man” can be a term of endearment but also a fairly accurate description. Dads have a tendency to grow into old men.

If your dad likes to moan about how things were better in his day or complain about modern music the he’s definitely becoming a bit of an old man!

An example: “I love my dad it sometimes he can be such a grumpy old man.”

26. Cash Machine

This one might be a little mean. But there’s no denying some kids (and adults) treat their parents like cash machines.

Be honest – have you been to your dad asking for money? Even if it was only as a teenager. Well you may been treating him like a cash machine.

A sample of what to say: “I’m not proud of it but I have at times treated my dad like a cash machine.”

27. Chauffeur

Have you ever thought about how much driving you around your dad does? If you’re honest do you take advantage of him.. just a little?

Especially as a teenager we treat our dads like chauffeurs. And whilst they don’t particularly like it they still pick us up and take us where we want to go.

Example of describing your dad: “I’m lucky, wherever I need to go my dad will take me. He’s like my own chauffeur!”

We hope these words to describe dads have helped you find the perfect way to talk about your father.

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