55+ Lemon Puns, One Liners and Jokes

Lemons are one of the sexier fruits, aren’t they? You can’t miss them with their yellow skin and they are made in to some of our favorite foods, desserts and drinks – who doesn’t like lemonade!?

And that makes them perfect for some hilarious puns!

From enjoying that cool glass of lemonade in the summer through to making lemon meringue pies and puddings there are so many opportunities to make some brilliant fruit based puns and wordplay that will leave you groaning and laughing!

So enjoy this list of our favorite lemon puns and one liners to bring a bit of fun to your lemon recipes and summers full of lemonade.

Short Lemon Puns

These short lemon puns would be great fit putting on social media, on Instagram as a funny caption or just using them in every day conversation.

  • Do you like lemons? I think they are sublime
  • The lemon answers the phone by saying “yellow!”
  • One lemon met another and the zest is history
  • If a lemon curd, it would
  • I ate the lemon because it looked so a-peeling
  • A lemon uses pickup limes to get a date
  • You’re simply the zest!
  • Lemons are positive fruits. They always squeeze the day
  • A cowboy lemon runs through the wild zest
  • A cat that eats lemons is a sour puss
  • Lemon and limes love to fight. They are bitter rivals

short lemon pun

Lemonade Puns

These puns are all about our favorite lemon based drink – lemonade!

  • What do you get when you ask a lemon for help? Lemon-aid
  • The baseball keeps its lemonade in the pitcher
  • What is yellow and solves your problems? Lemonade because it’s yellow and aids to solve your problems!
  • I gave a woman some lemonade last night and schwepped her off her feet
  • I just lost my job at the lemonade store because I couldn’t concentrate
  • What kind of lemon performs for charity? Lemon Aid
  • I once dated a bottle of lemonade, she really Schwepped me off my feet

funny lemon pun

Funny Lemon Puns

  • Lemons always apply sun lotion because they peel all the time
  • Lemon and limes love to fight. They are bitter rivals
  • A dinosaur eating a lemon is a Tyrannasourest Rex
  • One lemon met another and the zest is history
  • The lemon pie went to the dentist because it needed fillings
  • When lemons start fighting all hell breaks juice!
  • The lemon went to the doctor because it had a sour stomach
  • A cowboy lemon runs through the wild zest
  • Don’t you just love lemons? They are sub-lime!
  • The lemon meringue was a bit sad because she lost her zest for life

funny lemon lime pun

Hilarious Lemon One Liners

These witty lemon one liners are sure to make everyone smile and show off just how funny you are.

  • Walking down the road last night, I passed an apple pie, an ice cream sundae, and a lemon cheesecake. I thought “the streets are strangely desserted tonight.”
  • A very young lemon strolled into an underground metro station, buying and enjoying a coffee, chatting with other fruits and eventually riding on a nice, modern train. One could say it was a sub-lime experience
  • My wife asked me to pick up a single lemon at the grocery store. But I have no idea how to tell if a lemon is in a relationship or not
  • One lemon said to the other lemon, “we are zest friends forever!”
  • People laugh when the lemon says it has a new car until they see its new lemon-sine
  • A lemon went for dinner with a lemon couple and felt like a fifth peel
  • A lemon was given only one minute to clean her house so she hired a Minute Maid
  • What do you get when you have a cat that eats a lemon? A sour puss
  • If life gives you lemons… apply it to your hair, it’s good for preventing dandruff

lemon one liner

Lemon Jokes

Put a smile on everyone’s face with one of these groan inducing lemon jokes.

  • Why did the lemon stop rolling down the hill? It ran out of juice
  • Why did the baker throw in a dozen lemons to his bread mix? He wanted to make sour dough
  • I went to the supermarket to buy lemons but they didn’t have any. It was a fruitless trip!
  • Do you know dino-saurs? They used to dominate this planet in the early citrus era
  • Do you know that limes and lemons often fight with each other? They are actually bitter opponents
  • Did you hear about the lemons that got sick? They got lime disease
  • What do you call a dancing pie? Lemon Merengue
  • Who did the lemon rob the bank with?
    His partner in lime
  • What kind of lemon performs charity work? Lemonaid
  • Why was the lemon depressed?
    It lost all of its zest

funny lemon caption

Funny Lemon Captions

These captions are perfect for Instagram or social media in general and will show off just how much you like your lemons!

  • Bitter late than never!
  • When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye
  • I can’t wait to squeeze you!
  • When life give you lemons.. find someone whose life gave them vodka, then have a party!
  • All you seed is love!
  • Take life with a grain of salt, a slice of lemon, and a shot of tequila
  • When life gives you lemons, just find salt and tequila and enjoy the party!
  • Take a walk on the wild seed!
  • Easy peasy lemon squeezy
  • Squeeze the day
  • A glass of lemonade a day keeps the worries away
  • You can’t sip with us

We hope you have enjoyed these funny lemon puns and jokes and they’ve made you find a bit of fun and laughter in an everyday fruit like lemons.

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