Bar Mitzvah Wishes and Messages

A Bar Mitvah, if you weren’t that sure, is a Jewish celebration that takes place when a boy turns 13 and is seen as becoming a fully responsible member of the Jewish community. The young man must read from the Torah and lead a prayer for the whole service. It’s one of the most important moments in a Jewish mans life and considered incredibly significant within the faith.
If you’ve been invited to attend a Bar Mitzvah, perhaps to a family member of yours (brother, grandson, cousin, nephew etc) or you just know someone who’s son is about to have theirs then you may want to send or give a card.

Knowing what to write in a Bar Mitzvah card isn’t easy though. If you aren’t familiar with the ceremony or the Jewish faith you might be worried about causing offence or saying the wrong thing. Also should you be addressing the card to the parents or the child themselves? Is it better to be funny or just stick to a simple congratulations?

Well you can use one or more of the variety of different Bar Mitzvah congratulations and wishes below. They range from simple card messages and quotes through to funny sayings and wishes from grandparents. You can use them as they are or change them to fit your circumstances.

Bar Mitzvah Wishes

The Bar Mitzvah messages below are simple and fairly short. They’re perfect for a Bar Mitzvah card and should, in a simple way, get your feelings across and express your congratulations to the entire family on a special day.

Congratulations on your bar mitzvah from all of us

Bar Mitzvah Quotes

A quote regarding a Bar Mitzvah is a great way to wish someone well or congratulate them on such an important day. Many of the quotes below serve as words of wisdom to the young man as he enters adulthood.

We're happy fit you Mazel tov

Funny Bar Mitzvah Messages

Whilst a Bar Mitzvah is a serious event you can add a touch of humour to the day by using a funny message. Put a smile on the boys face with a witty or funny card.

Being Jewish has some benefits for example the bar Mitzvah gifts funny quote

Wishes for Grandson

If it’s your grandson’s Bar Mitzvah then you might want to pass on some of your knowledge or wisdom. You can offer small bits of advice or just congratulate him on becoming a man.

To Parents

You can address some of your congratulations to the parents of the young man who’s Bar Mitzvah it is. They will be feeling huge amounts of pride and joy during such an important day for their son so you can let them know how pleased you are for them.


A few resources to help understand Bar Mitzvahs and Jewish celebrations/events.

Hopefully these Bar Mitzvah wishes will have helped you to feel confident about what to say and how to congratulate someone on such an important day.

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