Pregnancy Congratulations Messages and Wishes for a Card

Pregnancy is a life changing event. The arrival of a new baby brings so many amazing and wonderful experiences. It’s also extremely challenging, and can even be frightening. During a couple’s or soon-to-be mothers pregnancy they might need support and reassurance, or just a friend to cheer them up. A way to show your support or just acknowledge their joyous news is to send them a card. And in that card you can include a pregnancy congratulations message or good luck wishes.

A lovely card congratulating a couple or mom on a pregnancy can let them know you’re there for them, offer support or help, amuse them or just offer your congratulations and best wishes. It may seem trivial but small gestures can have big impacts.

So use one or more of the pregnancy congratulations messages below.

Pregnancy Wishes

Use these messages to wish the new mother or couple congratulations and good luck on their pregnancy and upcoming new baby.

Congratulations on the miracle that is pregnancy

Funny Pregnancy Messages

Want to make the new mom/couple laugh? Have something witty or humorous to say about pregnancy? Then you might want to use something funny in your pregnancy congratulations card. If so then take a look at the funny wishes below:

Be careful when writing a funny message. Some people will think that pregnancy is not the time to be joking, and may take offence. Be sure beforehand that you know the recipient well enough that they won’t be offended.

Pregnancy Quotes

These quotes about pregnancy are great to include in a card. They offer extra insight or a better way to express what you’re feeling if you can’t find the right words yourself. Try one of the selection below

Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear quote

Pregnancy Poems

A sweet or touching poem is another great way to celebrate the announcement of a new baby.

Congratulations on your pregnancy message

We hope the examples here will have helped you to send your own pregnancy congratulations. Wish a mother all the best with the exciting news of her baby and show her just how pleased you are.

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