What to Write in a Congratulations Card

There are so many reasons you may want to congratulate someone. Maybe they’re getting or have got married, got engaged, have a new job, expecting a new baby, are graduating, retiring or many more. All of these events are things that deserve celebrating and congratulating the person or persons about. A good way to do that is by sending them a congratulations card expressing your best wishes.

But for these sorts of wishes and messages it can be tough to know what to write. You may not know the right tone to strike, struggle with finding the correct words or just expressing the way you feel. Getting that down on paper (or card) and making it sound good is more difficult than it might sound.

If you’re finding this to be the case then use one of the pre written messages below. You can copy them directly or change them to fit your situation. Alternatively you can follow the quick guide just under here that will show you how to write your own congratulations card and get the perfect sentiment.

What to Write in a Congratulations Card

You can follow this short guide to writing your own congratulations message.

  1. Start your card by addressing the recipient you want to congratulate. Something simple like “Dear _____” is perfectly fine.
  2. Next congratulate the recipient on whatever it is they’ve achieved. For example if it’s an engagement you could put something like “congratulations on getting engaged! I can’t wait to see the ring!” or if it’s a promotion “well done on getting that new job! You’ve worked so hard and really deserve it”
  3. Following this you can let them know how proud you are of their achievement, possibly using a personal anecdote or story. Talk about their success
  4. Next you can wish them well in the future and how things will be considering what it is your congratulating them on
  5. Finish by closing your message and signing the card. Something like “Lots of love, _____”

You don’t have to stick exactly to this guide. You can add in extra parts if you want or keep it shorter if that fits better. But this general outline should at least give you an idea of how to write one.

Congratulations Messages

These are general congratulations wishes that can be used in most situations. They can also be added to or expanded in order to fit the person you are congratulating. But they can be a useful starting point if you are struggling with your own. For more specific examples (new job, wedding, retirement etc) scroll further down.

Congratulations! I’m so proud of you and wishing you all the success in the future

Congratulations Quotes

You can use a quote in your card instead of or alongside a message as well. A congratulations quote can sum up your feelings very well and do a better job than you could.

Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible Albert Einstein congratulations quote

For Graduation

Graduating is a huge event in a young persons life, be it from high school or college. Celebrate and congratulate them on their achievement with one of these graduation messages.

For Wedding

If you’re sending a wedding card then you will want to congratulate the happy couple on their big day. Use one of the wedding wishes below.

For Retirement

Retiring after years and years of hard work is a big change. Some hate the idea and want to continue working whereas others can’t wait for the rest and free time. If you know someone like the latter then offer them congratulations on achieving a huge milestone in their life.

For a New Job

Getting a new job or promotion is such an achievement and something people often strive a long time to get. Let them know how well you think they’ve done with a card and include a message of congratulations.

For a New Baby

There’s nothing quite like a new arrival! A new baby is one of the biggest causes for celebration. If you know a couple having a new child then let them know how happy you are for them with one of the messages below.

For a New House

Moving into a new house whilst stressful is also a really exciting change. It may be a first house or just a step along the ladder but either way wishing someone congratulations is a great way to celebrate their big event.

We hope these examples messages have been useful. Ideally you should now be confident about how to say congratulations to someone and the sort of things to write as a congratulations message.