39 Hilarious Football Puns

Football is more than just a game, right? For some it’s like a religion. And when something becomes as big and important as football has it lends itself to lots of spoofing and puns. Think of all the, frankly, silly terms and slang that have made their way into our regular vernacular. They’re ready made for puns and jokes.

And if the Superbowl is coming up or you’re throwing a football party then a funny football pun maybe just what you’re looking for. They’re perfect for making your invitations stand out, cracking snack related jokes during halftime or just posting them as Instagram captions.

So use this list of the best football puns and jokes to impress your friends with your pun-tastic abilities and have them groaning throughout the game.

American Football Puns

These football puns can be used on Insragram (or other social media) or just to annoy whoever you’re watching the game with!

  • Kicking off the afternoon in the best way possible
  • Give me one pigskin
  • The huddle is real
  • I feel tail great!
  • Calm before the score
  • I’ve been getting blitzed all game
  • Case in punt
  • Having a ball
  • I like big punts and I cannot lie
  • Having a ball this weekend with my best friends
  • By the seat of one’s punt
  • The goal nine yards
  • I like your tight end
  • I made a snap decision to watch football today
  • Beauty is only pig skin deep
  • Football is one habit I will never kick
  • A goal new ball game
  • I he a kick outta you
  • The calm before the score
  • All punts are highly intended
  • Staying humble thanks to that fumble

Kicking off football pun

Snack Puns

You can’t watch the football or have a party without some snacks. So use these football related snack puns to make your friends groan on game day.

  • Go team! Brew can do it!
  • Tackling this game, one snack at a time
  • This might sound cheesy, but I think my team is really grate
  • Super Bowl Sunday always steals a pizza my heart
  • Dipping into the end zone
  • Don’t worry, beer happy
  • My team really needs to ketchup
  • Dear quarterback. I’m wingin’ it, but you shouldn’t
  • That penalty was nacho problem

Snap decision football pun

Party Invites

These silly phrases are perfect for a football party invitation or fantasy football draft.

  • This event is sure to be out of bounds. We’ll have a ball
  • Don’t pass on this party – rush on over
  • Prepare to be bowled over
  • Don’t drop the ball – without you, the party will be incomplete
  • Kickoff time is drawing near. It’s time to let out a great big cheer. Join our tailgate for a whole lot of fun. The countdown to the game has just begun
  • Here’s the game plan: (your party details)
  • Hope you’re wide open on (date)

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