41 Thank You Messages for Family and Friends on My Graduation

Graduation is a major event. When we graduate we often have the important people in our lives with us, offering their congratulations. But how do you say thank you to family and friends on graduating? And what are the right words to use for saying thanks after graduation?

Our loved ones will send their best wishes for graduating from high school or college. They might say so in person or through a graduation card.

And if they do you’ll want to thank them for doing so. It’s only polite!

But it’s understandable if you don’t know what to say in a graduation thank you note.

The focus should be on letting whoever it is know, friends or family, how much you appreciate their touching congratulations or graduation gift.

Try to make your thank you message or note sound like it was from the heart and genuine. No one wants words of thanks that are insincere.

If you received a lot of grad gifts and cards then try to make sure you send a thoughtful graduation thank you message to them all.

It can be tricky keeping track of every one but it’ll be worth it. We all appreciate getting a message of thanks and some kind words.

You don’t want anyone to feel left out.

So use these gradation thank you messages to let you very one know just how touched you were by their congratulations and gifts.

There are wording examples for high school, college, and even professional graduations.

High School Graduation Thank You Messages

These graduation thank you sayings are ideal if you are a high school graduate and want to say thanks.

thank you for being part of my graduation

College Graduation Thank You Card Sayings

These college graduation thank you messages are all perfect for letting friends and family know how much you appreciate their support.

graduation thank you message for family and friends

Graduation Thank you Messages for Parents

As you graduate tell your parents what it meant for them to be there over the years with these parent grad thank you messages.

thank you for being at my graduation

Thank You Note Wording for Grad Gifts

If you were lucky enough to receive a graduation gift then these thank you messages will show them how much you enjoyed it.

We hope you’ve found these graduation thank you card messages helpful in sending a note of thanks after your graduation. Try to remember to be sincere and honest with your thank you’s, speak from the heart and say how you feel about those you’re addressing. What you say doesn’t have to be perfect – just honest. If you do that then your friends and family will appreciate the effort and time you put into your graduation thank you messages, no matter the words you use.

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