What to Write in a Graduation Card

A graduation is always a time for celebrations! Having gone through the process and hard work of getting a degree or diploma it’s only right to celebrate their achievements. They will be feeling pleased and proud of accomplishments, rightly so, and a message of congratulations from a friend, family member or coworker is always appreciated.

So if you’re sending a gift or just want to wish a new graduate congratulations but you aren’t confident in your own writing, or not sure what to write in a graduation card, then you’ve come to the right place. The wording is far less difficult that you might first think and with a little advice, as well as examples (all of which you’ll find here) you will have written the perfect graduation wishes or message.

What to Write in a Graduation Card

If you are keen to write your own graduation message rather than using a prewritten one of the examples below then there are some tips you might want to consider first:

  1. Begin your card by greeting the graduate. Something simple such as “Dear _____” is fine.
  2. Congratulate whoever is graduating on their achievements. Let them know you’re proud of the accomplishment and how well they’ve done.
  3. You may want to offer them advice if you feel it’s appropriate. Whilst graduation is a happy, exciting time the prospect of growing up and facing world can be daunting. Some advice from someone more experienced can be invaluable.
  4. Mention the future and what they can go on to achieve. Graduating means new and exciting opportunities ahead and you can touch on that here.
  5. Finish by signing your card with a warm closing and your name. Something simple such as “Love _____” or “Warm regards _____”.

However if you prefer to use a prewritten message then use one of the examples below.

Graduation Wishes

If you want a general message or to wish them congratulations then these examples are ideal for writing in a card.

Warmest congratulations and wishes for your graduation day

For Family

If it’s a member of your own family that is graduating then you may feel even more proud or happy. You might want to use that to make your message even more heartfelt.

congratulations on graduating keep it up and continue to strive

For High School

Finishing high school can mean heading off to college or starting a new chapter of your life.

Happy graduation you did it

For College

The end of college means the beginning of a new chapter in someone’s life. It marks a huge occasion and should be celebrated as such.

Giving Advice

As graduating is a time when young men and women go out into the world it can be good to offer them advice or your wisdom. A few encouraging words can be both valuable and warmly appreciated.

If You Can’t Make It

If you can’t make it to the graduation then you can still send a card wishing them well. Just let them know you’re sorry for not being able to be there and congratulate them.

You should now know exactly what to write in a graduation card for any occasion. So whoever it is that’s completed school, college or something else entirely, wish them a happy graduation.