31 Happy Rockin’ Birthday Wishes and Messages

Nothing beats rockin’ out. Letting go and having a great time to your favourite songs. Surrounded by friends and family.

We are all a bit of a frustrated showman at heart, although some of us rock a bit harder than others! And when is it best to get down and have a good time? A big party or celebration. Maybe something like a birthday.

If someone you know is having a birthday and is a bit of a wannabe rockstar, or aging rocker, an appropriate birthday message is required. One that rocks!

To help out here’s a great choice of rockin’ birthday wishes. You can put them in a card, send in a text message or simply post online somewhere.

  • Have a rockin’ birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! Still rockin’ after all these years
  • To my favourite rock star – have an awesome birthday
  • Happy birthday and keep on rockin’
  • True rockers never really age! Happy birthday
  • _______ years old and still rockin’ it. Enjoy your day
  • You may be getting older but you’re still racing against the rock! Happy birthday
  • Happy Birthday my friend. Hope won’t be feeling verse for wear after tonight
  • Try not to get into too much treble on your birthday
  • To my friend who still dreams of being a rockstar – have a great birthday and never give up those dreams
  • Another year of raging against the machine? I hope so! Happy Birthday ______
  • Heres to another year of rockin’ like a dude! Have a good one
  • Have suitably LOUD and raucous birthday. Never stop rockin’
  • Birthdays are just an excuse to rock-the-**** out! Don’t let us down
  • Throw up your rock hands up and start moshing! Happy birthday to the best rocker
  • I’m raising my goblet of rock to toast you today. Happy birthday
  • At your age you might have to Rick out in your rocking chair! Enjoy your birthday
  • You’ve got an excuse to do your Elvis impression today! Have a great day
never stop rockin' birthday message
happy rockin birthday message

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For a Child

  • Happy Birthday to my little rock star!
  • Hope you have a great time rockin’ out on your birthday!
  • Wishing you a happy birthday and that in the future all your rockstar dreams come true
  • Next time I’ll get you a guitar or drums. Happy birthday you little rocker
  • Congratulations to the little mosh monkey. Have a great birthday
  • Happy birthday to a special little punk guy/girl. Don’t cause too much mischief!
  • Don’t let the man hold you down! Happy birthday, rockstar
  • Start rockin’ out young! Happy bday
  • Have a rock-tastic birthday with loads of cake and presents!
  • Rock-a-bye baby? Rock-a-boy’s birthday!
  • To a baby bopper – have a wonderful birthday
  • Happy birthday to a mini Mick Jagger. Soon to be rockin’ all over the world
  • You rock little man! Have a fantastic day

We hope you’ve enjoyed these rockin’ birthday wishes and they’ve helped you to wish a rockstar a happy birthday!

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