48 Graduation Poems: Inspirational Verses for Graduating

Graduation is such a huge day. Be it college, high school or kindergarten, it’s a big deal for whoever is graduating. Not to mention the families involved.

Seeing your daughter or son completing school or college is one of a parents proudest days. And often the whole family is there to offer their support and congratulations.

Sometimes you might want to express those congratulations and support in a more special and fitting way. Something more than just the usual best wishes. Using a poem or graduation verse is a great way to really sum up the importance of graduating and how big a milestone it is.

These graduation poems are the perfect way to wish someone congratulations for successfully completing their schooling or degree. You can skip to your preferred topic using the links below or just scroll through them to find the perfect poem for graduation.

Graduation Poems

Graduation Day

Graduation Day is the climax of a dream.
A parental dream that began when a child is born,
And their hope come true it would seem,
A triumph held after periods of forlorn,
A feeling of pride and euphoria years away
For a daughter or son – Graduation Day.
It is a peak of success for the graduate,
Not only for the graduate but parents too.
A joyful event after many years they had to wait,
Realizing the glorious thrill of a dream come true,
A genuine smile accompanied by a deep sigh,
Often a handkerchief in hand as the class goes by.
Graduation is a deserving, hard earned goal
With mortarboard and gown as foretold,
A gratifying service of the mind and soul
In a simple and beautiful sheepskin told
That the graduate fulfilled the educational rule.
At last, for the mother and father, a dream come true. Graduation Day!

By Joseph T. Renaldi

Graduation Ticket

You took the time to study;
You’re a graduate; that’s great!
The work you did was worth it;
It’s time to celebrate!

Your degree is just the ticket
For a future of success.
We’re glad for you and wish you
Every happiness.

By Joanna Fuchs

True Greatness

The cap, the gown, the robe, the crown,
The titles of today –
Like mist before the morning sun,
Will surely pass away.

Conceal your learning while you may,
Nor list to emulation;
Let others seek the road to fame,
Strive not for reputation.

The hill is long and hard to climb
That leads you to success;
True greatness, after all, is just
A test of usefulness.

By A. C. Shaw
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These concise and short graduation poems quickly express your feelings about the graduate and are ideal to go in a card or share on Facebook.

Very well done, dear (graduate’s name)
You’re special through & through.
You’ve had success with flying colors
I’m so very proud of you.
You were once a helpless baby,
But, even then I knew,
You had strength and determination,
To always see you through.
By Unknown

Hail to the graduate!
Looking great and feeling fit!
Oh, so proud and full of it!
This day belongs to you.
By Unknown

Graduation ought not be an end,
Replacing what within we might achieve.
After all, the good that we intend
does much to serve the good that we receive
By Thomas Tallis

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
Any direction you choose.
By Unknown

Your diploma is the first big step,
For knowledge is the special key
To winning what you want in life
And being who you want to be.
If you’ll always be a student,
You’ll find the secrets to success
And travel on the golden road
To peace and happiness.
By Unknown

Your achievement is awesome,
You’ve worked hard and you’ve passed the test
We love you so, and we want you to know,
We think you’re the very best!
By Unknown

We couldn’t be prouder, (graduate’s name), of you;
We wish you success in all you do.
Remember one thing we want you to know:
Our love is with you wherever you go.
By Unknown

Pursue your goals, yet keep your loved ones close,
As you utilize your talent and ambition.
Let your friends and family give you their support,
And you’ll master every challenging transition.
And always, (graduate’s name), know you can achieve
The things you really want, if you believe.
By Unknown

Cause some sensations
That could to your eyes bring a tear
But memories sweet
Just can’t compete
With the joy that you’re now out of here.
By Unknown

That’s how you’d like to turn the page
If you’re ever allowed to cross the stage
And collect the diploma which turns out to be fake
The real one is mailed later if good grades you make
If graduation is such a big deal
Why is the ceremony such a mind-numbing ordeal?
By Unknown


These inspiring words of wisdom cover most types of graduations and are a great way to wish someone success and happiness as they graduate to the next exciting chapter of their lives.

Dream Big

If there were ever a time to dare,
To make a difference
To embark on something worth doing
It is now.
Not for any grand cause, necessarily –
But for something that tugs at your heart
Something that is worth your aspiration
Something that is your dream.
You owe it to yourself
To make your days count.
Have fun. Dig deep. Stretch.

Dream big.
Know, though,
That things worth doing
Seldom come easy,
There will be times when you want to
Turn around
Pack it up and call it quits
Those times tell you
That you are pushing yourself
And that you are not afraid to learn by trying.

Because with an idea,
Determination and the right tools,
You can do great things.
Let your instincts, your intellect
And let your heart guide you.

Believe in the incredible power
Of the human mind
Of doing something that makes a difference
Of working hard
Of laughing and hoping
Of lasting friends
Of all the things that will cross your path

Next year
The start of something new
Brings the hope of something great.
Anything is possible
There is only one you
And you will pass this way but once.
Do it right.

By Unknown

Nothing To Fear

There’s nothing to fear –
you’re as good as the best,
As strong as the mightiest, too.
You can win in every battle or test;
For there’s no one just like you.
There’s only one you in the world today;
So nobody else, you see,
Can do your work in as fine a way:
You’re the only you there’ll be!
So face the world, and all life is yours
To conquer and love and live:
And you’ll find the happiness that endures
In just the measure you give;
There’s nothing too good for you to possess,
Nor heights where you cannot go:
Your power is more than belief or guess –
It is something you have to know.
There is nothing to fear –
you can and you will.
For you are the invincible you.
Set your foot on the highest hill –
There’s nothing you cannot do.

By Unknown

Never Stop Learning

On this, your graduation day all stand and give cheer
to honor you for all the work you’ve done to get you here.
As we rise and give applause be sure you don’t forget
that learning is not over as your future plans are met.
May you always be a listener and learn from all you meet
always keep a student’s spirit and your life will be complete.

By Unknown

Don’t Forget

Forget about the days
when it’s been cloudy,
but don’t forget your
hours in the sun.
Forget about the times
you’ve been defeated,
but don’t forget
the victories you’ve won.
Forget about mistakes
that you can’t change now,
but don’t forget the lessons
that you’ve learned.
Forget about misfortunes
you’ve encountered,
but don’t forget the times
your luck has turned.
Forget about the days
when you’ve been lonely,
but don’t forget the friendly
smiles you’ve seen.
Forget about plans
that didn’t seem
to work out right,
but don’t forget to always
have a dream.

By Amanda Bradley

Be the Best of Whatever You Are

Be the Best of Whatever You Are
If you can’t be a pine on the top of the hill
Be a scrub in the valley – but be
The best little scrub by the side of the rill;
Be a bush if you can’t be a tree.
If you can’t be a bush be a bit of the grass,
And some highway some happier make;
If you can’t be a muskie then just be a bass –
But the liveliest bass in the lake!
We can’t all be captains, we’ve got to be crew,
There’s something for all of us here.
There’s big work to do and there’s lesser to do,
And the task we must do is the near.
If you can’t be a highway then just be a trail,
If you can’t be the sun be a star;
It isn’t by size that you win or you fail –
Be the best of whatever you are!

By Douglas Malloch

Funny Graduation Poems

Sometimes you want to poke a bit of fun at a graduate or joke about their future. Try one of these funny graduation poems to give them a laugh on their big day.

My Mother Thinks I’m a Doctor

My mother thinks I’m a doctor
I just don’t have the guts
To tell her I spent all my college doe
On beer, wine, women and such

So after I faked my graduation
Said I was moving to the South
To help the less fortunate among us
Another lie I let slip out

I’m now in the south of Florida
Where some may call me a bum
Living in a citrus grove along the coast
Not answering to anyone

It’s really not such a bad life
This do nothing life I’ve made
I hear my Moms proud of me at afternoon tea
Telling the girls of all the lives I save

I do my share of dumpster diving
That’s where I got the idea
Behind a real doctors office one day
With some of their stationary I nabbed

I did a little doctoring
After all I do play one in Moms mind
Doesn’t look to lame where I inserted my name
Then wrote my Mom about the kids and the wife

I’ve created such an elaborate charade
It’s now gotten all out of hand
As I panhandle my way up and down
The Sunshine states surf and sand

Mom now says she wants to visit
Can’t wait to meet the wife and kids
Don’t know how I let it get this crazy
And how it all lead up to this

Now I’m scrambling to find a vacant house and a woman
With a couple of kids that look just like me
That can go along with a ruse for a week in mid-June
Since I told her that’s when I’d be free

I’m thinking I should of studied in college
Instead of being this mind numbing huckster
Telling lie after deepening lie
Just so my Mother would think I’m a doctor

By Mike Hauser

Day after Grad

The day after you grad. You get home not knowing what to do.
Looking through the newspaper.
A butcher, a baker, a Hamburg maker.
No plans at all but just had to call. Mickey Ds or the cow king. They say jobs are
I walk the floor I just can’t do it no more.
Dam I want to go back to school

Harold Hunt Sr

Preschool Graduation

Finishing preschool is a big milestone for a child and also for the parents. Use these graduation rhymes regarding preschool to celebrate your child’s achievements.

I know numbers, I know shapes
I know purple stands for grapes
I know red, white and blue
I know green and yellow too!
I’ve made friends and know how to share
What is wrong and what is fair
I know what policeman and mailman do
Nurses and fireman too!
I know rhymes, I know sounds
I’ve had ups and I’ve had downs
I’ve been quiet and times I’ve wiggled
I’ve sat still and sometimes giggled
We’ve worked all year for this degree
There now aren’t you proud of ME!
So it’s with happy memories
We send them out the door
With great hope and expectations
For what next year holds in store.
By Unknown

You’ve been taught to color inside the lines,
But don’t forget to use your beautiful minds.
You’ve been taught to fit in with all,
But don’t forget, to always stand tall.
You’ve been taught to love all others,
But don’t you ever forget to love yourself.

Congratulations and good luck!

By Sam Chavez

Preschool Class

We loved preschool
It was pretty cool
Teacher is amazing
The best at teaching
We like ABC
We like 123
We can wash our hands,
We can tie our laces
We love singing songs
We love playing games
Now, we are graduating
A little sad to be leaving
But ready for the next task
Kindergarten will be a blast.

By Janet Muir

In tune to “Mary had a Little Lamb”

(graduate’s name) had a little cap
it was as black as suit
she pushed it down upon her head
and boy, she was so cute.

She went to graduation day
To pick up her diploma
She put it in her pocket
and proudly took it home with her.

By Anna

In tune to “Twinkle, twinkle Little Star”

Twinkle, twinkle little Grad
What a wonderful time we’ve had.

In the school we’ve learned a lot.
To cross our T’s and I’s with a dot.

Twinkle, twinkle little Grad,
What a wonderful time we’ve had.

By Anna

The Small One

You may be a small one
But you are a mighty atom
Running around preschool
Living life to the full

Your enthusiasm infects everyone
I love your sense of fun
You tackle every challenge
Fearless and strong

I forget for a while
That you are fragile
A little energy wave
Easily hurt but brave

It may seem like yesterday
That preschool first day
The smallest child around
Walking into the school ground

But now you’ve learned
Some very important lessons
Amazing things to discover
And how to play with others

You can wash your hands
Draw great shapes
Color inside the lines
And getting there on time

You’ve done it all
You’ve had a ball
And now its time to
Celebrate being a graduate

By Mo Farrell

Treasured Memories

Cuddling Tight
Saying Goodnight
Happy Families
Doing Everything
Off to Preschool
Learning Rules
New Friends
Clothing Trends
Learning Letters
Learning Numbers
Creative Display
Nature Display
Laughing Loud
Being Proud
Singing Songs
Exciting Stories
Team Games
School Snacks
Keeping Pets
School Fetes
Painted Faces
Treasured Memories

By Diane Schmidt

Little Dove

Ellie, gentle like a dove
You have all of our love
You light up our lives
Every moment we treasure

The sadness is still real
From when you started preschool
The tears I was hiding
But your were widely smiling

Over the year
You’ve had no fears
Teacher says you’re caring
Kind and good at sharing

You’ve grown wonderfully
Knowledgeable, loving and funny
Ready for the next phase
You will make the grade

Ready for graduation
Excited by your celebration
Confident in your ability
Looking forward to the ceremony

I am so proud of you
Of everything you do
My daughter the graduate
Now its time to celebrate

By Unknown

For a Preschool Teacher

The Best Teacher

The best preschool teacher
The kids surely love you
You calmed their early fears
And made them full of cheer

They respect you clearly
The kids listen intently
To everything you say
Loving every day

This has been a great year
Never a tear
The kids developing
Always fun and learning

You’ve brought them to graduation
With love and dedication
By working hard on their behalf
The best teacher the kids could have

By Unknown

Kindergarten Graduation

So Tall

I was so small
You were so tall
Starting school was difficult
You helped me through it
Each year I‘ve grown
The seeds of success you‘ve sown
The challenges got tougher
But you helped me get better
I look back at all you‘ve done
And I know I‘m the lucky one
The best is yet to come
And I say bring it on
I‘m ready to leave home
Strengthened by your love
One thing is quite curious
A point not too serious
Now I‘m so tall
And you’re so small
I love you!

By Jean Dempster

High School Graduation

Graduating high school is one of the biggest moments in our lives. So a poem that reflects the magnitude of such a big occasion is required, and hopefully these poems will do just that.

Off To College

You’re off to college all too soon
No more curfew, no more rules
You’re the boss, you call the tune
Living life to the full.

At the start you will feel shaky
Many nights you’ll feel alone
Some days will be pretty hazy
These times will make you think of home

But all this will be forgotten
The difficult times don’t last long
Your new life will certainly blossom
The greatest times will be going

The hard work will be severe
The courses intellectually challenging
But you will rise up and persevere
And surely you will end up winning

The fun will start and never bore
You’ll meet lifelong friends, the party never ends
You’ll laugh like never before
And sleep till late, only to start again

Be certain about your future direction
You’ll succeed and be a star all right
A strong person, ready for any occasion
Go to it with all your might.

By Jean Dempster


When Graduation Day comes
Enjoy the sense of excitement
Think of what life has been, is
And future accomplishments

The excitement of the challenges
Failures, upset and adversity
Hard work, perseverance, some success
Winning through determinedly

The excitement of Graduation
Seems simply to lend
The thrill of knowing
You did it in the end

The excitement of family and friends
Sharing good and bad times
Their love and support never ends
In your life they are the gems

The excitement of celebrating
At the last great party
Friends, laughter, fun, dancing
Before saying goodbye

The excitement of the future
College, relationships, jobs and cities
Imagining how it will occur
Anticipating much more success

The excitement of Graduation
Should be greatly savored
Life may never again
Feel as truly favored.

By Unknown

College Graduation

Graduating from college is the final step in education and the last hurdle before the “real world”. These are some poems to congratulate the graduate on such a momentous day.

Make It Last

Sometimes life offers a moment
A time of pure enjoyment
The hard work is done
Sleepless nights are gone

Only once does graduation day come
Bring on the parties and fun
Do today just as you choose
Don’t miss it with a snooze

Put away you worries
Put away your fears
Think only of your success
Let this day be the best

Make the day last a while
Help friends and family smile
Thank everyone and give gifts
Remember those who lifted your spirits

Be by yourself for a while
Bask in your glory with pride
Enjoy simply feeling satisfied
Sit back with a big smile

Don’t hold back, really celebrate
Join every party and stay up late
Squeeze out every last ounce of fun
Have laughs and group hugs by the ton

Go to bed with nothing left to play
Don’t wish you had made more of today
By then tomorrow is nearly here
Have no regrets, wake up free

Have an exhilirating time at graduation
Make it a day of celebration
A day you will remember for a while
In later years you will still smile

By Jean Dempster

For Daughter

Young woman, my daughter,
my joy and my heart,
You’ve reached the end
only to find a new start.
The world sees the young woman
with her charm and her smile,
but behind the woman,
I will always see the child.
By Unknown

You did it!

Well here we are my daughter dear
The day awaited for many a year
All the turmoil, tears and triumph
All wrapped up in a graduate gown.
You tried so hard to win this battle
and no one knows how hard that was.
From teenage years you have had to struggle
with illness always hanging in the balance.
The others seemed so strong and cheery
wanting to party,drink and be merry.
But for you the listless body was weary
and many a night you cried in agony.
Yet your heart was willing to see it through
and with gritted teeth kept going on.
The lectures you missed were so many
with days in bed followed by night oil burning.
You did your best despite body shaking!
Day and night you laboured on
‘Will I be alright’ your mantra cried
to worried Mum and anxious Father.
‘Yes of course my daughter dear’
Our stock reply; but did we know
was this a delay or maybe the end?
You saw it through, I don’t know how
but here we are and we are so proud.
Today is Yours, you’ve earned the glory
God bless you darling daughter.

By Ruth

On Your Graduation Day

It’s graduation day,
And now it’s time to cheer,
There are so many memories,
That you hold so very dear.

But now you’re off to college,
New challenges are awaiting you,
That shouldn’t be a problem,
Because I know you’ll see them through.

So good luck to you in your endeavors,
We’ll support everything that you do,
Just know in your heart,
That we’ll always love you.

By Debbie Bongiovanni-Sharp

La Graduacion de Amandita

So here you are,
at the end of this one road.
Another stage awaits
your presence, your breath
your contribution

And you will leave,
of that I’m certain
just like I did
when my life was uncertain

To share you with the world
I know that I must
since you are full of gifts
and a noble heart

But my lovely daughter
it’s what life is about
to give in good meassure
thinking not of what we have

There were tears,despair,
foreign lands
It all went into memories
to be retrieved
when you want

I wish you much laughter
not many good byes
I wish you good friends
and true loving lovers
I wish you to love

I wish you the music
the red sunsets you love
My love is forever
your mother, your guide

By Sandra Felsenstein

Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter,
You have made it to this place of great anticipation and expectation
What has brought you here is a desire to learn,
to live, and to express yourself in this life
We have watched in awe as you have developed
into an independent young woman with the skills needed to meet your goals
and the compassion and love of humanity to make a difference in others’ lives.
Thank you for being you
Thank you for making us proud parents
Thank you for knowing who you are and being true to yourself
This is your time to fly; to enjoy life and experience God’s goodness
You are loved more than words could describe… Contratulations!

By Tracey

One Foot Forward

The day has come to spread your wings.
We all had faith you’d get there.
Venture out into the world with hope and love and care.
Chart your course carefully with guidance from above.
Go forth and shine and show a little love.
new adventures… a brand new start.
just remember to protect your heart.
you’ve accomplished so much.
and now you can go…
put one foot forward.
and let your dreams flow.

By Barb Nikolics

Sitting Here on Bended Knee

Sitting here on bended knee,
Praying for the child inside of me.
Already thinking of her goals and dreams,
And what kind of person she will grow up to be.

Getting ready for delivery day,
Another few days seems so far away.
Finally,the big day is here,
Excitement and anticipation turn into fear.

She is born and I hear her first cry.
Seventeen years later, how time has flown by.
Her childhood years have come to an end.
She’s a senior in high school,
And my very best friend.

Through thick and through thin,
Through laughter and fights,
I stand by this child and pray every night,
That her life will be prosperous,
And her deams will come true.
Because daughter, your my everything and I deeply love you.

Sitting here on bended knee,
Praying for the child that once grew inside of me.

By Shawna Tinker

For Son

Seeing You Through

Time went by so quickly,
A fine young man you’ve grown to be.
You’ve reached the end of this life’s chapter
A bright future awaits you hereafter.

You can do better than your best
New adventures, a brand new start
Find your place among the stars!
You make us very proud!

By Joy

For Friends

Goodbye Dear Friend And Graduate!

Goodbye, dear friend and graduate!
Our golden time is over now,
Our time of nothing more than time,
Days of simply being friends.
But I will always treasure how
Your love for me slipped into mine,
Embracing me where courage ends.
Graduation is a time
For feeling very proud,
For thinking lots of lovely thoughts
And saying them out loud…’

By Claudio Monteverdi

Graduation Day

The more I look back on all the happy times
the easier it is for me to realize
that friends are much more then hellos and goodbye
it all comes down to what you have inside.
Yes, some are good singers and some are athletic
but that doesn’t matter (are you starting to get it?)
all that is important is the feeling inside
if your white or black or green or blue eyed.
For me to sit and say “I wont miss this old place”
is wrong and untrue (can’t you tell in my face?)
all the friends and teachers meant so much to me
I don’t know any place that I’d rather be.
“Those were the days”, I’d here my parents say.
cherish there years…each and everyday
The people you’ll meet and the places you’ll go
and the hurt once that’s gone is more then you’ll know.
All my friends will be leaving and I’ll still be here
All my friends I’ll be losing is my greatest fear
Promise you wont forget me as you go away,
promise you’ll be back to see me someday!

By Grimm

When Will I See You Again

Suddenly it is graduation day
For that we long have waited
No more hard work night and day
I do feel very excited

The intensity of the past few years
Has been matched by our fun as friends
Despite work, stress and a few tears
We have stayed loyal to the end

We have laughed together
Lived in the same apartment
Studied hard together
Even played in the same quartet

But suddenly I realize in horror
I am going to Detroit
And you are going to Florida
We will be thousands of miles apart

Our new jobs will keep us busy
Our new lives will be hectic also
We will settle down and be happy
Family will come along too

So when will we meet again
Some reunion in 20 years
It all seems so far away
Perhaps I need to accept my fears

I hope we keep up each day
It will be good to hear your news
But most of all I do pray
We meet in person soon

Jean Dempster

Famous Graduation Poems

Many famous authors, writers and more have written poems about graduating. Use their famous words to let someone know how proud of them you are.

You May Count That Day

If you sit down at set of sun
And count the acts that you have done,
And, counting, find
One self-denying deed, one word
That eased the heart of him who heard –
One glance most kind,
That fell like sunshine where it went –
Then you may count that day well spent.
But if, through all the livelong day,
You’ve cheered no heart, by yea or nay –
If, through it all
You’ve nothing done that you can trace
That brought the sunshine to one face –
No act most small
That helped some soul and nothing cost –
Then count that day as worse than lost.

by George Eliot

My Uncle Terwilliger on the Art of Eating Popovers

My uncle ordered popovers
from the restaurant’s bill of fare.
And, when they were served,
he regarded them with
a penetrating stare…
Then he spoke great Words of Wisdom
as he sat there on that chair:
“To eat these things,”
said my uncle,
“you must exercise great care.
You may swallow down what’s solid…
you must spit out the air!”
as you partake of the world’s bill of fare,
that’s darned good advice to follow.
Do a lot of spitting out the hot air.
And be careful what you swallow.

By Dr Seuss

My Heart Leaps Up

My heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began;
So is it now I am a man;
So be it when I shall grow old,
Or let me die!
The Child is father of the Man;
And I could wish my days to be
Bound each to each by natural piety.

By William Wordsworth

All the World’s a Stage

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages. At first, the infant,
Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms.
Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,
Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
Made to his mistress’ eyebrow. Then a soldier,
Full of strange oaths and bearded like the bard,
Jealous in honor, sudden and quick in quarrel,
Seeking the bubble reputation
Even in the cannon’s mouth. And then the justice,
In fair round belly with good capon lined,
With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,
Full of wise saws and modern instances;
And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts
Into the lean and slippered pantaloon,
With spectacles on nose and pouch on side;
His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide
For his shrunk shank, and his big manly voice,
Turning again toward childish treble, pipes
And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

By William Shakespeare


Use these poems to wish a graduate congratulations for completing school or college and the big achievement it is.

The World is Your Oyster

Despite all that late night drinking
And dossing round in bed
The World is now your oyster
So go and knock ’em dead
Cos, despite yourself, you’ve done it
You clearly got it right
Now you’ve got your diploma
Your future’s looking bright
Heartiest Congratulations on Graduating

By Unknown

Cherish the Memory

To those I love and hold so dear,
To the friends I cherish and family I revere:
To all who came and shared the day
To everyone that sent their love and wishes my way:
Thank you for sharing with me this joyous occasion;
Thank you for the sweet words of touching inspiration;
Thank you for the memories, for I cling to them tight,
and for the laughter and smiles on that warm summers night…

By Unknown

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