14th Birthday Wishes and Messages (for Moody Teenagers)

14th birthdays are tricky ones. You’re just into those awkward teenage years and starting to try and figure out who you are.

It makes wishing someone a happy 14th birthday difficult. What do you say when they’re a teenager – not an adult but not quite a grown up either.

And Let’s face it, teenagers are best known for being moody and uncooperative. So trying to get through to them and wish them a happy 14th birthday is going to require skill and tact.

That’s why we’ve come up with these – the best 14th birthday wishes.

So if you’re struggling with what to write in a birthday card for a 14 year old then use these funny and sweet birthday messages

Birthday Wishes for a 14 Year Old

Happy 14th birthday message

14th Birthday Messages for a Boy

For a Girl

For Son

Happy 14th birthday have a great day

For Daughter

For Grandson

For Granddaughter

For Nephew

For Niece

For Brother

For Sister

Funny 14th Birthday Wishes

It can be difficult with teenagers to get them to be positive or excited about anything but you should still make the effort.

Hopefully these 14th birthday wishes will have helped you to say happy birthday to 14 year old in the best way you can.

14th birthday wishes and messages

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