21 Pajama Party Name Ideas

Getting a good name for your pajama party may not seem like the most important part of your planning. But a name can really sell something.

So if you want to get the most people you can to attend, and everyone excited about your party then a good name is essential.

It could be funny, interesting, make people curious about the event. Whatever adds to the excitement of the big day,

So if you’re trying to find a good name for your pajama or sleepover party then this list of pajama party names is perfect. With clever wordplay, puns and everything to do with sleeping, pillows etc.

These names alone will probably need some details adding to them. The name, date, time etc.

What is a Pajama Party

A pajama party is just a sleepover for friends, much like a slumber party. It just involves the wearing of pajamas! It’s usually for girls, although they don’t have to be, and quite often are thrown for birthdays or special occasions.

Why do you Need a Name for it?

Whilst you don’t have to have a name for your party, it just adds to the fun. You can sell it better, hopefully get more RSVP’s and have a great time.

Also when you throw a theme party then a name is more common.

Pyjama Party Names

  • Fun in Flannel
  • We’re Jammin’
  • Pajamas & Chill
  • The Sleepwalking Dead
  • Life is Better in Pajamas
  • Bananas in Pajamas
  • Besties in Pajamas
  • Midnight Brunch
  • Jamtastic Adventure
  • Kick on the Jams
  • We’ll be Jammin’ Tonight
  • The Slumber One Party
  • Wham Bam Jam
  • ‘Who Needs Sleep’ Party
  • Perfect Playfyl Pajama Party
  • Jamapalooza
  • Pajama Pizza Party
  • 1st Annunal PJ Party

A great name is a good start but you need to have the perfect invite to go with it. Try our pajama party invitation wording ideas for examples.

pajama party name ideas

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