Welcome to the Someone Sent You a Greeting Resources page. Here you will find a list of all the best resources, tools and websites we believe are essential for greetings cards, eCards and the whole process of celebrating holidays and occasions.

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Where to Buy Greetings Cards

If you’re going to be sending a greeting card to someone then you are, of course, going to need to buy one first. You can pick up a decent greeting card in a lot of fairly regular shops. But be warned – there’s also a lot of terrible ones out there. If you want to ensure you get the best then it never hurts to shop around.

Alternatively seeing as we do so much of our shopping online nowadays you might prefer to buy a greeting card online. There’s many options and choices for doing this but again, there’s also lots of really bad ones too. Below are a few of our favourites that we think do quality and well priced greetings cards:

Those aren’t the only places to buy greetings cards but they are some of the best and most reputable.


If you’re writing something like thank you notes for wedding guests or birthday gifts then you will want a really good reliable pen, some quality paper, lovely envelopes and much more in the way of stationery. That’s why finding all the best types of stationery can be a real benefit if you’re serious about writing the perfect greeting cards and thank you notes.

Stationery Guides coming soon!


Gift ideas and guides coming soon!

Where to find eCards

The obvious answer to this one – right here on Someone Sent You a Greeting! Our selection of eCards should cover every occasion you need. If however you wanted to try the inferior alternatives then here are the few ‘best of the rest’:

  • Greetings123 – are arguably the largest eCard website on the internet. Their cards are free to send and cover a huge range of occasions and holidays.
  • Hallmark – everyone knows Hallmark, and for good reason. They’re synonymous with cards. And their eCards aren’t bad either. You’ll get classic designs that are of a high standard. But they do cost unfortunately.
  • American Greetings – you’ll also probably be familiar with American Greetings from their paper cards but they do eCards as well. They offer sounds, videos and animations to go with their eCards and give you the ability to add text, personalise and even print them. You will have to either sign up to send the cards though.
  • SomeeCards – You’ve probably seen many of Someecards designs on Facebook or other social media. They’re usually funny, a little Braque and more importantly – free! So if you want to send an eCard with a bit of attitude try Someecards.
  • Paperless Post – Paperless Post do some of the more stylish eCards out there and at great prices. They range from free, which is always nice, to some from few cents and upwards.

There are of course many others out there. In fact the internet is full of eCard websites, but many are poor quality or overpriced. So make sure you do your research first and look around (or just use ours!)

How to Make Your Own eCards

If you have a very specific card design in mind or just want your card to feel more personal and from you then you can create your own eCard. It’s actually a lot easier than you might first think. You can do it fairly manually or use an app to help.

If you want to go the app route then Canva is a great tool that lets you design cards, logos, presentations and more. They even have a guide to help you make your own eCard or card using their app.

Adobe also have a nice app that lets you create eCards with many templates you can start from.

If you’d rather do it in a more DIY way then you can use a basic piece of software like PowerPoint or Outlook to create your eCard from scratch.

What to Write in Cards

If you’ve bought or designed your own card, have the best stationery available and are all set to begin then you’re going to need to know what to say and write. We’ve got a huge collection of guides and examples on what to write in different cards so if you’re sending one for any of the occasions below then try our guides.


Quotations are often used in both the card messages or if you’re designing your own then they may make up part of the greeting card itself. So finding the perfect one is often essential to getting it just right. With that in mind these are some of our favourite quotes websites:

  • Brainyquote – inspirational and famous quotes by authors you know and love
  • Goodreads – Popular Quotes.
  • PictureQuotes – Picture quotes and sayings.
  • CoolFunnyQuotes – Hottest funny quotes collection of all time.
  • Inspirational Quotations – Inspirational Quotes offers a wonderful collection of quotes on love, happiness, friendship, faith, peace, and success.


Including a poem in your card or as note to go alongside a gift is a really lovely way to

If you aren’t sure of the type of poems to write, how to do so or need some ideas then try some of these websites as a guide and for inspiration:

  • – lots of different and new poems, poetry news and inspiration.
  • PoemHunter – Thousands of poems, quotes and poets. Search a huge database of poems.
  • – poetry and verse styles, tips and topics.
  • HelloPoetry – a poetry community with thousands of poems and ideas.
  • – Poetry published by over 400000 amateur and expert poets in the world’s largest poetry website.